Mustela Fall/Winter Must-Haves

If you've read my blog before you know I am a major fan of Mustela. Their products hold true time and time again. I was excited to hear about their new winter products and wanted to give them a try. Below are 4 of my fall/winter favorites from their line that I wanted to share! I highly recommend any of these products for the upcoming colder months and encourage you to check out Mustela's other amazing bath and skincare products if you haven't yet!.


Mustela Cold Cream with Nutri-Protective ($12): When harsh winter weather sets in, this will be a must for your child's skin. You can use this all over the body. It's a great protector from cold and windy weather. This is made with Avocado Perseose, which is a new ingredient from Mustela that nourishes and strengthens the skin's natural barrier, helping to lock in moisture for up to 8 hours. Contains shea butter and is hypoallergenic.

Mustela Hydra Bebe Facial Cream ($10.50): This was made for the face in mind. It contains jojoba and sweet almond oil, as well as Avocado Perseose. Perfect for keeping skin supple and smooth (PS: I've been using this on my face too and love it... it smells sooo good!)

Mustela Hydra-stick with Cold Cream Nutri-Protective ($9.50): I was most curious/excited to try this product as I had never seen anything like it on the market. This is the perfect go to balm for your baby's (and mom's) lips and cheeks. It's a blend of shea butter and their cold cream. The applicator leaves your mess free and it's super smooth/non-sticky.

Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream ($22): For moms who have asked me about a good cream for eczema prone skin, this could be your new best friend! This is their new restructuring moisturizer for very dry and eczema-prone skin. It has a rich, creamy texture and helps with itching. I've used this on myself as well and love it. Just the right about of thickness. It's fragrance-free and allergy tested, so no worries with break outs!