Nordstrom Anniversary Sale : Fall Essentials that Are On #NSALE

To me, when it comes to fall and fashion, nothing says style quite like Olivia Palermo. I don't know if its her jet setting life, or her New York vibe, but she has the layering esthetic down to a science.  I could spend hours and hours on Pinterest looking at her outfits. She makes every outfit look polished and feminine. So what’s her magic formula that makes her look impeccable every time? It’s that perfect mix of classic, minimalism and chic. It’s choosing timeless basic pieces of clothing. It’s never exaggereting.

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Since I am a mom I sometimes find it hard to scour through and edit my own design (as talked about here) and style in a way that translates seamlessly, efficiently AND affordably in to my closet. Am I the only mom out there that feels this way? I mean, just because we are moms doesn't mean we still can't look AMAZING, right! 

With the fall season quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to put what I think are the 2 worlds of ready-to-wear style together, Nordstrom + Olivia Palermo. Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing and officially open to the public, there is no better time that NOW to rack up on some Olivia Palermo inspired fall essentials and basics that will leave your closet polished and ready to wear, while saving a TON!

So if you want to be dressed well, but you’re not sure how, just take a look at my Olivia inspired outfits which are currently all on sale at Nordstrom, and you will be fall style friendly in no time!  

**I used the pics above as the inspiration for the picks below!


BOOTS/ BOOTIES: Olivia knows how to rock a boot/bootie, and there is not another bigger key fall item then a few in your closet. Here are a slew of AWESOME boot/bootie that are on sale now and would be OP approved! 

LEATHER:  Whether is a chic leather jacket or fab leather pants, I think I have seen Olivia wear lather more than anything. Here are some of my leather inspired favorites that are now on sale. 

CREAM COLORED TOPS: Olivia works in a lot of off white and cream with her outfits, then will add some pops with accessories. Here are some great Olivia inspired cream tops that are now on sale:

DISTRESSED / SKINNY DENIM: I love how put together she makes distressed and skinny denim look. Looking at her outfits is a great way to take your typical jeans/shirt outfit to another level! I always catch myself googling a denim outfit of Olivia's just to get some good ideas!

FURS: Nothing says NYC chic like Olivia and fur. This girl knows how to rock a fur, and has made it an absolute staple in her wardrobe. If you are like me and may not live in a place that warrants big furs, there are other alternatives (like vests and shawls) to wearing fur that won't be super heavy. 

STATEMENT HEELS: Olivia Palermo works the statement heel like no other! Dress up your jeans with a standout shoe that will set you apart from the crowd.