The new year is always for resolutions. New goals and beginnings. I think it's always important to set intentions for a healthier and happier you at the new year. But, it's also just important (in my little opinion) to also reflect on the year before and all the gifts and challenges it brought. Before you start listing your goals for 2016, it’s only right to sit down and reflect on everything that’s happened in your life in 2015—the challenges, the triumphs, the things you’ve left behind, and the things you’re taking with you into the new year. To get you started, I’ve listed some questions below that’ll hopefully help you take stock of the past year. Give yourself some you time; make yourself a tall mug of tea (or glass of bubbly), grab a notebook, and get started (heck, book a spa day and do it there!). Then, feel free to set a date to go over your thoughts with your partner or a group of girlfriends. It's really interesting and cool to see what you can learn from doing this :)

What 2015 accomplishments am I most proud of?

What are some takeaways from those triumphs?

In which areas did I struggle most in 2015?

Which of these difficult situations did I overcome? (Or work to overcome?)

Which friends supported me most this year?

Which friendships changed and shifted?

What are some new skills that I learned?

What are some things I’ve learned to accept about myself this year?

Name 3-5 positive memory-making experiences from 2015.

Name a couple (2-3) of negative memory-making experiences.

In which areas did I see the most personal growth and change?

What did I learn about myself in 2015?

What am I most grateful for in 2015?

What did I gain in 2015? What did I lose?

What things do I want to leave behind in 2015?

Which things do I want to take with me into 2016?

Here's to a fruitful and healthy new year ahead! Happy New Year everyone.

xo, Jules