Social Media Rundown: Like it and Snap It

With all the new apps to download, pages to follow and things to 'like', I wanted to give a quick social media rundown to those who are active in the space and want to know the ins and outs of the 2 newest platforms I've been using. 

First up is LiketoKnow.IT
If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (if you're not you totally should, we have lots of fun over there lol) you may have noticed a lot of my posts have a little something extra tagged at the end. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s really quite simple.

It’s the first {and only for me} way to get all the post/product details via Instagram! Simple, efficient and fast! How does it all work? See below for the simple steps.

1. Go to and sign up by registering your email
2. Start “liking” pictures on Instagram that are tagged with ""
3. You will then receive an email with the image you liked and ready-to-shop products

That’s it! Still want to learn more? Check out this short video for more details. What is great about this platform (and why you are seeing more and more bloggers use it) is that is allows a one stop shop to where you can find all the items that we generally blog and post. It's just an easy "click of a button" way for the reader (you) and get information you may be looking for faster and easier!

Now on to Snapchat! If you are like me and have apparently been on a different planet for the past 2 years, you may have just discovered Snapchat! Most likely though you are probably a lot cooler than I am and have had it for some time. At first I thought Snapchat was a "teenager" thing, and then I was just flat out intimidated to use it. But now, I am OBSESSED with it! It only took about a day to figure it out. It just a great way to connect and interact with each other in a fun and unique way, through video and picture snippets. I love seeing the day to day activities or "behind the scenes' of some of my family, best friends, and favorite bloggers/mothers. Especially if you live far away from a lot of your family and friends (like I do), it allows you to be a part of their daily life, live and in the moment. You can find me here on Snapchat: (@JulsSolomon)...and please let me know if you are on as well! Would love to follow you along as you journey through life, love and if your a fellow mom, motherhood :)

Most of the questions I receive pertain to products and brands that are a must for me, my child, and my home. I've decided to start a page that has all of my current favorite must haves in one place for your perusing pleasure! I will be updating these weekly or monthly as I find new amazing products to share.