Storage Wars

Call it Spring cleaning, or just a control freak OCD situation, but the older my child gets (and the more “stuff” he accumulates), I have this insane urge to organize everything in his room. I quickly learned there is only so much organizing you can do at this age. Really, nothing is organized…ever. After letting go of the fact that his room will never look like a tear sheet from the Restoration Hardware Baby catalog, I started doing research to find the best storage bins, boxes and bundles that could appease my compulsive cleaning disorder.

Unfortunately, the first round of research was a little lackluster. I couldn’t find anything that was affordable, easy to maneuver, or somewhat pleasing to the eye. If I am going to see this storage piece every time I walk in my son’s room, is it took much to ask to find a piece that doesn’t look like something from a prison cell?

I decided to take it to the streets, asking moms I knew (and a lot I would randomly find strolling down the sidewalk) if they had any good leads on affordable, well put together storage pieces. From these great tips, I was able to get back to the drawing board and find storage options that would make any room charming, and any mom less clean crazed!

Here are a few of my favorite storage options:

3 Sprouts Storage Bin- What can I say about these bin’s other than I love them! Not only are they super easy to move around, have a waterproof protective lining on the inside, but you really can’t get more colorful and adorable then their animal designs! It’s a great way for your child to learn animals by name. We have two large bins and a few caddy’s. These bins are very durable and hold just about anything from plush toys to an array of books. The bins are collapsible for when you aren’t using, and truly bring some pop to the more neutral colors in Camden’s room. 3 Sprouts also carry chests, boxes, hampers, wall organizers, and much more.

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bin- These storage bins are great, especially if you have shelving as they fit most cube shelving sizes. The bin’s have handles on the side and are collapsible. These are one of my favorites due to their colorful design and homage to zoo animals. My favorites are the owl and monkey (we also have the matching bibs!)

Swoop Toy Storage BagThis bag seems to have it all if you want to save floor space and need a good travel option for toy storage. This holds a ton of toys with the swoop of a nylon cord. This bag makes it easy to travel from room to room, or you can purchase the smaller versionfor car/plane travel and vacations. The larger bag is also a play mat, so you are getting more bang for your buck with this one. I love the array of colors (my favorite’s are orange crush and gray wolf) and convenience this bag offers.

Kids Collapsible Large Toy Chest – This chest is an option if you need to store larger toy items. Toys lying around the house can be quite the eye sore, so I really like how clean this would look tucked away in a room. It’s a neutral color that is a nice option if you tend to stay away from louder tones. It can fold flat when not in use, which is a nice space-saving option.

Guidecraft Tan Storage Bins (Set of 5) –What I like about these storage bins are their neutral tone and varying size options. This is a great alternative to the Skip Hop Bins if you are looking for something more on the neutral side. They come in a set of 5, two larger rectangular bins and three smaller square bins. The square bins would fit most cube-shelving sizing, or they could be stacked.

Adeco Set of 3 Sea Grass Baskets – I’ve never met a woven basket that I didn’t love. What I like about these baskets and that they add a bit of a texture to a child’s room. I actually use these underneath my coffee table in the family room to store toys, blankets, baby books etc. Because of their mature look, you can use these later when you are no longer storing child items. I have these throughout my house storing a variety of things and have found them quite useful when you need a quick cleanup!

What are your must have storage items in your home? Any storage tips you can share? Leave your comments below, would love to hear your thoughts!