Travel Beauty Routine + Carry On Must Haves

We are off on another trip next week! We are headed to Sofia, Bulgaria (where my husband is filming) before making our way to Italy for a summer vacation with my family! While traveling, I like to simplify my beauty routine as much as possible. When it comes to packing, I’d rather use my luggage space for clothes and shoes (haha I am always pushing 50 lbs!!) so I scale down my makeup routine and make sure my carry on is full of great skincare options. My go to this summer is CosMedix, because they don't use harsh chemicals to enhance or improve your skin. Their products are formulated with a lot plant-based ingredients (which I love, especially due to the harsh effects travel can have on your skin!). Below are some musts for a quick, easy vacation beauty routine plus my carry on must haves.

Carry On Essentials: RadianceEmulsion, Rescue +Opti Crystal

For an overnight flight, this is the perfect regimen to keep your skin hydrated and nourished, especially since recycled airplane air takes hydration and moisture out of your skin. It will keep your skin protected, balanced and hydrated, which will help prevent breakouts and other irritations once you land. These little sizes are also great for travel, as they are approved to carry on!  


  1. Stay hydrated: Between the poolside piña coladas or morning coffee to deal with jet lag, you might think you are getting enough liquids but don’t forget the water. Staying hydrated is beauty trick #101 for flawless skin. 
  2. Clean face: The first step to a perfect beach beauty routine is a clean face. After a long travel day, a nice face scrub is a must! I have really sensitive skin so I have to keep that in mind. I really like Cosmedix Purity Detox Scrub as it exfoliates without being too harsh! The ingredients are super gentle, plus the Salicylic acid also helps rid any bacteria, to further prevent breakouts! 
  3. Moisturize: Chalk it up to years of living in the dry California desert, but I can never skip moisturizer. It gives your skin that healthy, dewy glow and you can get one with a tint for extra coverage and of course SPF (I love this one with SPF 50 for the face). At night or while on a plane, I love using the Emulsion and Rescue+ together, as it creates a really nice barrier that keeps all of the hydration in while keeping your skin protected from the draining air (a must for travel!).
  4. Eyes: Your eyes need just as much attention as your skin does, so don’t forget a great eye cream for your selfie-ready beach look. I swear by this one – it reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crow's feet. 
  5. Hair: Between the beach and the pool, any effort you put into your hair might be short lived. Aside from the fail-safe messy top knot, you can’t go wrong with a pretty fishtail or half-up top knot for that easy beachy vibe. I always love to add a little texturizing spray to give it that beachy texture.