Turning 31 + Advice I wish I had in my 20s

As you grow older and life experiences come and go, you always think that hindsight is 20/20 (at least I do). We’ve all made mistakes but we live and learn – and hopefully share! Since I just turned the big 3-1 and have started to settle into motherhood with a toddler in tow, I wanted to share some of things I’ve learned throughout my 20s that I try to apply to my life now. 


It doesn’t matter what you major in. Hard work and ambition can get you the world. Without that work ethic, a degree in any field is just something on your resume. Now I am not advocating a lack in education, just highlighting that hard work and dedication to your passions is really what gets you places. I hope I can be a good example of this to my son. 

Take care of your skin! LADIES! A tan lasts for moments but your skin is with you forever. Use SPF (at least 30, but I use 50 daily) especially on your face and opt for healthier options like sunless tanning (I love this sunless face lotion I have been using for years). Also start your skin care regimen in your early before you have wrinkles. I have been using SPF since I was in college but really wish I would have started a good regime in high school! Check out my skincare favorites here, here and here. Also, this is the best serum for wrinkles, ever! Neocutis was developed by Vanderbilt University's burn unit, so smooth wrinkle free skin is their expertise! 

Hair ages too. Between being on a budget with your hair styling tools and experimenting with hair colors, your hair will go through the ringer in your 20’s. Start taking care of your hair now. One of the easiest and more important ways is with a heat protectant. I love the Oribe heat styling balm. Coconut oil is also a natural favorite mask of mine! I have actually been using coconut oil A LOT lately for an array of things (more to come on that later). But, this amazing body butter I made when I was pregnant is also an amazing hair mask too! Just make sure to rinse throughly. 

Less is more. Whether it’s makeup, perfume, or accessories, less is always more. Obviously we have those days when it's fun to get glammed up but overall simplify. I remember I used to pile on the eyes, hair product and accessories, but I feel like the older I get the more I like an easy, natural look. 

Family is everything. When you are young you think you would rather hang out with friends (I did), but as you grow up you realize family are the people who usually always stay by your side. Start young and don’t miss out on those opportunities. Spend time with your grandparents! One of my favorite memories with my only living grandmother was a few years ago I went to visit her and she went through all her old photo albums and told me about her childhood and growing up. There was so much about my family tree I never knew about. Even just taking the time to call them makes their day!

Floss. Your dentist knows what’s up. And your kids are watching! 

Set goals! Ambition without goals doesn’t get you anywhere, so set both realistic short and long term goals for yourself. And don’t forget to include a timeline to hold yourself accountable.

Try new things. Be adventurous and try new things! It's amazing all the new things you can experience but just being mindful and hearing how many times a day you say 'no' and turning that into a 'yes'. 

Choose your friends wisely. One of my favorite quotes is “You will only be as good as the people you surround yourself with.” Surround yourself with good people who reciprocate your friendship. #SquadGoals. Nobody likes a one-sided friendship.

Keep a journal. It took me until I had kids to realize how important writing in a journal is. There are so many details that will fade over time so just take a moment now to jot them down and you will get to keep them forever. Even if it’s just once a month, start writing down your favorite moments. I also write down goals... I feel like its a great visualization technique to manifest what you want out of life. 

Start saving! You’ll never remember half of your purchases or those meals you splurge on, so start saving now to be able to one day afford those memories that you will remember. This is still a hard one for me, but I really want my child to have a strong understanding of money management...so it has to start with me. 

Be good to others. Whether you can give through time or money, just give to others. None of us can make it alone, so lift others wherever you stand. Always make it a priority to give back! It truly does take a village.