Using Sound Machines to Help Kids Sleep

I mean, lets get #real...we all know how important sleep is. Not just for our children but for our own sanity as well, right! Over the past 19 months that I've been a mom, I have (through many trials and errors) learned a few tricks that help create a great sleeping environment and promote healthy sleep habits. We make sure to read books, dim the lights, use essentials oils etc. We also use a sound machine. Once our son goes to sleep, my husband and I use that time to reconnect and enjoy each others company after our day. We will watch a movie, or put some music on. We also have a dog that barks at the drop of a dime. Therefore, we don't want our outside noises to disturb our sleeping child. This my friends, is when a sleep machine becomes your BEST FRIEND! The sound machines really drowns out all noise, its extremely soothing and promotes a deep sleep throughout nap or bedtime (thanks Dr. Harvey Karp!). What is also great about sound machines is that you can find travel versions to create the same sleep environment for your child no matter where you are. As as family, we travel A LOT. I've had no trouble with Camden sleeping at home or while traveling since he was 3 months old and I truly believe the sound machine has a lot to do with it. He's a rock star sleeper, sleeps 12 hours a night and another solid 2 hour nap a day. My husband and I even use a sound machine now and love it. Below are some of my favorite sound machines that I've heard work amazing, including the ones we use. Do you have any tips on promoting healthy sleep habits? I would love to know your secrets!!