What to Gift a Two-Year Old

The time is approaching, my rambunctious one-year-old is about to turn the big number two next month. I keep trying to calm down and tell myself that the terrible twos usually don’t kick in for another few months, even thought I feel they have already started on some days!

We've been having some fun two-year-old birthday celebrations lately, so thought it was time to start planning for my not-so-little one’s big entrance into toddlerhood, and to start thinking about some great, age-appropriate gifts to keep my son and his 2 year old buddies happily entertained, all while learning the ropes of being a tiny human. Below, I have gathered some of my very favorite toys and gifts for two-year-old tots that are just right for this stage of exploration. 

Know a little babe just shy of turning one? Check out my 1-year-old gift guide right here. What are some of your must have age appropriate gifts? Would love to know what some gift successes you have!