What's in my diaper bag?

I feel like with an infant/toddler, life is always evolving, and with that so is your diaper bag. The things in there 2 months ago are completely different than what is in there today. Maybe I am just an organized obsessed, compartment crazed mom. Because when it comes to my diaper bag, every little thing has a specific place and compartment it belongs to. If the diapers aren't in the same place, or if the bottle has moved from one side to another, I can't deal! I guess it's just the way my brain works, and by works I mean it's just the way I am able to keep track of anything since I have been diagnosed with irreversible mommy brain. Since we are (trying to) transition to sippy cups, toys are constantly changing and I'm also using this diaper bag as my everyday bag, it's been somewhat of a mess lately. I knew if I did a post about what was in my diaper bag I could, not only share some new favorites, but it would force me to get those compartments in order.

Now this may look like a lot because, well quite frankly, it is. But I wanted to show how amazing this bag is. And, when used in its most efficient manner, it would even be Mary Poppins approved! Below is a rundown of what is in my bag today.

Storsak Diaper Bag: My awesome diaper bag. I wanted a bag that didn't 'look' like a diaper bag. I didn't want designs or colors. Just something classic, durable, leather, and black. I think mine is sold out but this one is very similar.

Zo Li sippy cup with straw: My favorite "straw" sippy cup by far.

Born Free sippy cup: great starter cup without a straw

Born Free Formula Dispenser: I love using this because you can mix bottles when you need them rather mixing prior and having to lug around heavy bottles all day. You can always find water when it’s time for a bottle, plus this is mess free and easy.

Latch Bottle: This bottle is supportive for latching early on, and lasts a long time.

I always make sure I have food/snacks, so I trust Plum Organics and GoGo Squeez for that. I also love the teething wafers and the ‘attach and go’ spoon for the road. The Nuby snack holder is great for finger snacks, plus it’s a fun toy!

Boiron and Mustela are two brands that I strongly believe in and love. Basically, because everything I have ever tried from these brands (and that's a lot) works! I carry Boiron's camilia and calendula, and Mustela's sunscreen stick and barrier cream with me in my diaper bag always. Honest wipes are also in there always, and since it is summer Camden has been loving his Zoobug sun shades. For toys, he has been attached to his VTech phone and the zoli baby gum massage stick. The zoli stick is awesome, I wish I would have found it earlier because Camden loves it.

This last section is more for mom. Like I said, my child and I both use this bag, so I need some essentials for myself included. I take my Lifefactory glass bottles with me everywhere. It's great for water, or protein smoothies/juices. BPA free, and helps the planet by cutting down on plastic. I always carry a bag of raw almonds in case I need an energy boost, as well as Quest bars. I usually have one after a workout or for a little snack/meal if I am running around starving (which happens a lot as a mom!). An aden + anais bamboo blanket is always in my bag, as the serena + lily stroller blanket. They are both small and light weight, great for traveling. I also carry Stila Lip gloss with me as it gives me a little glow to my daily workout gym rat look. The fake up concealer is great for your bag/purse. It's compact and great for touch ups.

Any must haves in your diaper bag you can share? Would love to hear some new tips!