Conscious Connection

Conscious Connection


This 6-week, face-to-face ONE ON ONE program that teaches action based, effective branding, networking, pitching and digital marketing strategies to influencers who want larger engagement, stronger business platform and income growth.

Whether you’re brand new to blogging or established and ready to grow, this program will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your brand into a force for good that fuels higher profits and your true purpose.

This is NOT a pre-recorded course or module, this program is in REAL TIME – me and you – getting down to the true essence of who you really as a brand, and how you can turn that brand into a profitable business.

Bottom line, when your brand’s message is clear and connects to your audience, you attract more collaborations and grow a long term business - everyone wins. That’s Conscious Connection.

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I teach you the principles, ideas and concepts that work overtime, I train you to think and feel for yourself, so you never have to rely another company, publicist, manager or person to grow your brand and blog for you, ever again!

The strategies you will learn are the same strategies that have, this year alone, made 1 blogger a New York Times Best-Seller, 1 blogger over $400,000 in brand deals and over 15 bloggers making $5,000 a month in brand deals! This is the same strategy that led to my own blog rebrand, which now brings in over 75K in brand deals annually and a 4x growth in blog traffic and 56% increase in newsletter subscribers.

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars every month in retainer fees to publicity and marketing agencies who have no idea what it's like to actually be a blogger, nor have a clear understanding of the unique branding strategies bloggers really need in order to grow long term.

This program is fun, exciting and packed with incredible resources that truly improve your business and blog for a lifetime – it will put you on a successful track to REAL success and growth – so you should only agree to this program if you are truly dedicated to growing your blog, brand and income.