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Are you feeling confused about how to best grow your blog and brand to build engagement and grow your income?



  • How do I get my blog noticed among the thousands of blogs out there?
  • How do I grow a consistent and engaged following?
  • How do I get my social media followers to become blog readers?
  • How do I get brands to collaborate with me?
  • How should I properly network in order to grow my engagement?
  • How do I consistently monetize my blog, turning it into a profitable business?
  • How do I make connections with media, furthering my brand platform?
I totally get it

As the savvy blogger you are, you already know that influencer branding is at an all time high, yet, developing a successful blog and following is anything but straightforward.


With a clear strategy and simple techniques, you can easily transform the results you’re getting with your brand and grow an authentic following and consistent income.

more engagement
more brand deals
more business

More Engagement

More Brand Deals

More Business

I’ve pooled together the best areas of digital marketing and publicity expertise, along with proven tools and strategies, to create the only program out there specifically for bloggers and influencers to create your brand and grow your following, business and income - from start to finish!


conscious connection

This 6-week, face-to-face ONE ON ONE program that teaches action based, effective branding, networking, pitching and digital marketing strategies to influencers who want larger engagement, stronger business platform and income growth.

Whether you’re brand new to blogging or established and ready to grow, this program will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your brand into a force for success that fuels higher profits and your true blog purpose.

This is NOT a pre-recorded course or module, this program is in REAL TIME – me and you – getting down to the true essence of who you really as a brand, and how you can turn that brand into a profitable business.

Plus, you get FREE access to my PR and brand management services during the course!

Bottom line, when your brand’s message is clear and connects to your audience, you attract more collaborations and grow a long term business - everyone wins. That’s Conscious Connection.



I know you’re busy, so this is designed as a 6-week program that works with your schedule, with lifetime access to all your materials as well as our Conscious Connection Facebook community (where the true networking happens)!

The one-on-one interaction gives you the access to take advantage of live support as you move through the program. Each week focuses on a particular aspect of income based connection, taking you through the strategic branding process with templates and checklists that cover planning, development and reporting; everything you need to develop an exceptional online business.

who is this for

Bloggers who are...

  • New to blogging, or veteran bloggers who are ready to grow
  • Looking for a brand manager or a specialist in blogger deals
  • Ready for a true commitment in learning the power of networking
  • Ready for a renewed and refreshed branding path of success
  • Need help negotiating brand deals and want to build a consistent profitable business
  • Want to learn how to garner media and brand attenton & want to know what you must include for a powerful press kit
  • Feel they get “lost in the shuffle” in the social media space
  • Ready to use social media as a way to connect and collaborate with brands
  • Want to create compelling content that will help grow their following
  • Excited to find that inner confidence that will make their blog shine


I teach you the principles, ideas and concepts that work immediately AND overtime. I train you to think and feel for yourself, so you never have to rely another company, publicist, manager or person to grow your brand and blog for you, ever again!

The strategies you will learn are the same strategies that have, (this year alone), made 1 blogger a New York Times Best-Seller, 1 blogger over $400,000 in brand deals, got 1 blogger an entire home makeover at no cost, and over 15 bloggers making $6,000 + a month in brand deals! This is the same strategy that led to my own blog rebrand, which now brings in over 75K in brand deals annually, a 4x growth in blog traffic and 56% increase in newsletter subscribers.

You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars every month in retainer fees to publicity and marketing agencies who have no idea what it's like to actually be a blogger, nor have a clear understanding of the unique branding strategies bloggers really need in order to grow long term.

Plus, you get exclusive FREE access to my one-on-one brand management and PR services during the course, as well as next action steps for post-program facilitation!

This program is fun, exciting and packed with incredible resources that truly improve your business and blog for a lifetime – it will put you on a successful track to REAL success and growth – so you should only agree to this program if you are truly dedicated to growing your blog, brand and income.


Intro to Your New Success


  • Discovering Your True Brand:
    Finding Your Business Spark


  • Discovering Your True Brand:
    Finding Your Business Spark
  • Define Your Core Brand Values
  • Brand Trigger Words



  • Brand Energy – Defining Your Brand Personality
  • Brand Value – Connecting Your Brand To Your Ideal Audience
  • Brand Voice – Curating A Clear And Cohesive Voice And Message For Your Brand
  • Brand Consistency – Visual And Marketing Components Of Your Brand That Attracts More Business


  • Brand Belief Proclamation
  • Brand Declaration Statement
  • Brand Value Reveal



  • Thinking Like A #BrandBoss – Attracting The Brand You’re Mean to Work With
  • Negotiating Strategies And Best Practices – Know When (and How) To Say No To Clear Your Calendar For Real Success
  • Contract Formulation – Collaboration Elements You Should Include In A Contract
  • Determining Rates – Rate Sheet Formulation
  • Blog Newsletter Must-Haves – Start Doubling Your Newsletter Subscribers Monthly
  • Social Media Networking Strategy – Network Like a Publicist


  • Rate Sheet Template
  • Must Ask Negotiation Question Worksheet
  • Influencer Agreement/Contract Template
  • Social Media Networking/Publicity Tipsheet

Pitching and Press Kits


  • Pitching Yourself to Brands – Defining Your Unique Pitch Angle And Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
  • Key Elements Of A Profitable Collaboration – What Brands Look For In A Blogger
  • Creating A Pitch E-Mail & Pitch Checklist
  • Building An Ideal Contact Database – Best Times to Pitch your Blog/ Idea
  • Press Kits – Creation and Formulation
  • Bio – Long Form And Condensed Bio Creation For Your Site And Social Media Channels
  • Negotiating Your Brand Deal – How To Successfully Close Your Deal


  • Elevator Pitch/Blog Mission Statement Worksheet
  • 5 Pitch E-Mail Templates
  • Press Kit Template
  • Negotiation E-Mail Template/Checklist

Social Media and Blogging


  • Applying The 80/20 Rule Of Posting
  • Reporting – Analyzing, Interpreting Social Media Results For Collaborations
  • Developing A “Follow Worthy” Social Media Flow
  • Editorial Calendar Formulation and Planning
  • Social Media Sell Through – Getting Followers To Become Blog Readers


  • Social Media Consistency Worksheet
  • Content Flow One-Sheet
  • Editorial Calendar Template
  • 80/20 Template
  • Collaboration Report Template



  • Next Steps / Q&A
  • Handling Success and Managing Blogging
  • The Pitching and Closing of Your First Successful Brand Collaboration
  • Brand Negotiation Assistance and Post-Program Management Schedule


  • SMART Sheet

my business
How i serve you

My business is all about equipping entrepreneurs to find that creative magic within, that inspires courage and determination to truly let their brand and business shine.

Whether that means learning how to rebrand their business, or connect their business to their ideal consumer, whether they want to make a major change in their engagement, overall cohesive branding vision, or they just want to bring creativity and connection to everything they do, my business is all about giving people the tools, strategies and resources to create, perform and share connectively.

As co-owner of OMG! Publicity and a New York Times best-selling publicist, I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers for over a decade.During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the country's most recognized artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers—alongside personally developing unique and useful projects that are relevant to my hands-on experience.

This led to my own career as a blogger, and working with bloggers and entrepreneurs as a brand manager and publicity consultant, helping them grow their brand into seven-figure businesses and achieving national media worthy platforms. Some past and present clients include ABC’s The Bachelorette Emily Maynard, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, blogger and activist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, and consulting for publishing houses Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins Publishing, with whom I’ve actively managed the growth of their brand and expanded their seven-figure incomes and platform through successful brand and media campaigns.

Outside of Conscious Connection, I’ve also developed Pitch It Perfect, a customized course that teaches entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives pitch strategies.In 2017, I launched my latest passion project, The Influencer Podcast, putting my Journalism major to good use. I host and explore the secrets behind the careers of today's top social influencers, and the podcast has rapidly joined the Top-100 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #16.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey, I look foward to working with you! xo Juls


The investment for Conscious Connection is $2,999 for the entire program.


Trust the wisdom that is already in you, if you have the courage to listen. Conscious Connection is so much more than a course, it’s a verifiable roadmap to success.

To get started on achieving the brand and business you’ve always dreamed of, click below!



Conscious Connection investment is $2,999, email [email protected] to confirm your enrollment

free consulation call

free consulation call

Yeah! FREE bonuses!

  • FREE Consultation TipSheet Download prior to course start ($100 Value)
  • FREE Access to Pitching Templates ($50 Value)
  • FREE Access to Brand Contact Database During Course ($2,500 Value)
  • FREE Access to my Brand Management, Negotiation and PR Services During Course if you are actively pitching ($5,000 Value)