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Co-Hosted LIVE by

Julie Solomon, Pitch Expert & Founder of The Influencer Podcast
Roesemary Watson, Founder of Rosemary Watson Productions and Listen & Latte Podcast


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Want to know how Julie Solomon pitched and landed over $150,000 in brand deals when she she had less than 20,000 Instagram followers? Sign up to learn exactly how you can, too!

Brand Deals are likely to exceed $35 billion this year and show no signs of slowing down. To become a profitable influencer is more than just posting photos, it’s a business. And every business needs a plan.

Julie Solomon, Pitch expert, influencer marketing strategist, Founder of The Influencer Podcast and New York Times Best-Selling Publicist, has cultivated her industry experience and tactical tips on pitching and created the ultimate pitch resource for Influencers.

You will learn how to increase your annual income by 40% and get over the fear and confusion of pitching. She shows you how to communicate with brands (the right way), consistently streamline a profit worthy press kit, and use a no-fail pitching strategy to build your engagement, negotiate your best rate, and increase your income by thousands a month!  

YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A HUGE FOLLOWING to be a profitable Influencer. Julie landed a multiple 6-figure brand deal when she only had 10,000 followers! SHE will teach you the value of your pitch, exactly how to monetizE, AND BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE WITH PITCHING!


  • What is pitching and why do I need it?
  • How does pitching grow my profits by 60%? 
  • How do I get over my fear,  confusion and lack of confidence with pitching?
  • How can I create more time in my day to pitch?
  • Whom do I pitch?
  • How can I use Instagram to pitch brands for collaborations?
  • How can I stand to out to brands using my bio and media kit?
  • How do I get an email response fast?
  • How do I negotiate the best rates and best media opportunities for my brand, blog, products or services?

Whether you are starting out or a seasoned blogger, you will get exclusive insight on how the most profitable influencers are pitching and growing their community, and why the brands choose to work with them. MoST importantly, at the end of this masterclass, you’ll have an ACTIONABLE PLAN TO PITCH STRATEGICALLY WITH a CLEAR ROADMAP THAT TAKES YOUR SIDE HUSTLE TO A PROFITABLE BUSINESS.



  • How Julie pitched, negotiated and landed over $250K in brand deals in just 1 year
  • The 2 must-haves that brands look for in bloggers

  • 5 keywords you must be using in your Instagram bio to catch a brands attention

  • What is a good engagement rate on Instagram + how to factor it

  • How to generate your rates and what you must include in your rate sheet

  • Exactly how to formulate your elevator pitch

  • 3 monetizing essentials to include in your press kit

  • Two things you should ALWAYS Do in a pitch

  • How to start increasing your monthly income by 60% from pitching. 

  • LIVE Q&A session so you get all of your questions answered (ask Julie and Annie anything!)

  • BONUS: The one fail proof secret to getting an email response FAST

  • Plus receive a FREE tip sheet that shares the 8 secrets to monetizing your pitch


Be sure to add our date to your calendar and check your promotions and junk folder for confirmations! 


“Your amazing live Pitch It Perfect webinar helped me get right over that [fear] and now I am pitching that way! Love you for giving me the confidence to believe it myself what I do and WHY brands should work with me!”


“[Julie’s] masterclass has given me so much hope after years of treading water! It’s life changing! I could not figure out the secret, until now!”


“So much good stuff in the masterclass. Never thought about praising the brand and how to use that technique to get deals!”


“This is perfect for us bloggers!”


“So thankful to have found Julie Solomon! Great insight for #bloggers!”

Affordably Accessorized
Affordably Accessorized

“Today I watched a SUPER helpful webinar by @julssolomon and if you're a blogger or own any small biz, it's a must-watch!”


“That was such a great webinar! We've watched so many that were boring and not helpful at all and we were so excited to actually learn something from yours!”

gem and elli

“Learned a wealth of information this afternoon in Julie Solomon's master class! Redesigning my entire blog; new style, new theme, new pieces!”

Brittany Blackburn
Brittany Blackburn

“It was SOOOOOO HELPFUL!!! Thank you!”


“This masterclass is literally everything! I really loved the consistency strategies for my aesthetic and copy!”


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About Rosemary

Rosemary Watson is the brains behind Rosemary Watson | Productions a creative studio that helps women build businesses through many different mediums. She loves creating all types of content for all sorts of places online, but none so much as Instagram. She lives with her husband and six kids in Phoenix, renovating the home she grew up in. You can find Rosemary every day on Instagram, on her live video show on Facebook, chatting with her tribe in her Facebook group, The Instagram Collective, and on her micro-podcast, Listen + Lattes.



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About Julie

Julie created her free masterclass after she pitched, negotiated and landed over $250,000 in just 1 year in brand deals as an influencer and blogger.

Julie Solomon is a NY Times Best-Selling Publicist, influencer and marketing expert and founder of The Influencer Podcast who teaches bloggers and online entrepreneurs how to grow their blog, business, and income through authentic connection and brand strategy. Julie has worked with some of the country’s most recognized influencers, authors, entrepreneurs, and bloggers for over a decade.

Julie created the popular website, JulieSolomon.net, to combine her talents, background, and passion to empower others through her informative tips on business growth, social media and marketing.

Her latest venture, The Influencer Podcast, explores the secrets behind the every changing landscape of influencer marketing and shares the most accredited and informed strategies from top social influencers, business owners, and industry elites. During its launch month in April 2017, The Influencer Podcast joined the Top-50 list of iTunes’ Business Podcast Chart, peaking at #15, and remains in the Top-50 to date.