"How do I even get in or invited to Fashion Week?"


"I want the opportunity to go to shows and events, but how
do I even find who to contact?"




Perhaps you’re a blogger attending fashion week, but nervous to spend thousands of dollars on PR wrangling?

You have no idea the process of invites or guest lists, whom to connect with, or how to make the most out of your week? 

So, you end up going to New York just to miss out on everything happening around you?



Julie backstage at NYFW

Julie backstage at NYFW

As a New York Times best-selling publicist with over ten years of experience, I’ve attended and worked with clients who have sat front row at Fashion Week since 2007. It's my passion to help bloggers and influencers like yourself experience the same success, confidence and joy this productive week can provide! From my proven techniques and industry relationships, I know how to effectively pitch for Fashion Week invites, gain access to coveted events, provide the most up to date contact lists, and curate the fashion week schedule of your dreams. 

If you’re overwhelmed, stuck or feel lost in how to "get in the door" to NYFW, you don’t have to go it alone. I’ve been there, and I know the way. Let’s silence the clutter, save you time and give you exactly what you need to focus on what matters this fall – connections, invite confirmations, brand attention, relationship building and collaboration opportunities.  

I know the experience of going to shows as someone in the industry compared to a blogger is completely different! Someone in the industry is invited to shows without having to do much, because of their relationships.

But for so many bloggers (especially those who haven't gone for years in a row), there is so much work that goes into a successful NYFW.  

So here I am, sharing all insider industry secrets to make NYFW work for you! 

NO MORE ASKING "How do I get in to shows?", "How do I contact a brand?" or "Where do I find the RIGHT contact?" because I have done the work for you! 


My pitch perfect technique to target and attract coveted invitations to the best shows and events of the week, AND the contacts you need.

In the guidebook, you receive pitch templates (the exact same email copy I've used each season to confirm attendance to shows), contacts, and step by step instructions on how to get invited to shows, how to ask and confirm a front row seating, how to ask for fittings in the designers collection for the show, how to garner backstage access, how to secure meetings with top brands, and how to confirm your name of the exclusive after parties and events during NYFW. 

You also receive hotel contacts for collaboration opportunities, event invite lists and agencies who take meetings during fashion week -- and exactly how to email them with the provided pitch templates. 

The guidebook gives you exclusive access to the NYFW report and fillable itinerary templates, and the official NYFW calendar, so you can stay organized and not miss a thing! 

This GUIDEBOOK is the same I have UPDATED AND MASTERED over the years for each NYFW season. It's worked for me and countless clients, I know it will work for you! If you're ready to truly shine, grow your following and further monetize your brand, then it's time for you to take action. 

No more feeling lost in the shuffle, no more wasting time and money. 

Setting yourself up for success now, means you can play on a whole new level at this years NYFW! This is my invitation for you to own the game-changing guidebook that will leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the Big Apple with clarity and confidence! 

What to Expect

  • Two pitch email templates to copy and use for show invite inquiries and hotel stay collaborations 
  • Four pitch email templates to copy and use for follow up regarding seat and fitting confirmations, +1 availability, backstage meet and greet opportunities, meetings, afterparty and event attendance 
  • Exclusive and specific contact list for the majority of industry-only events and shows and top brand reps in NYC who take meetings during NYFW
  • Exclusive and specific contact list of hotels to email for a collaboration during NYFW
  • The OFFICIAL NYFW Women’s schedule calendar
  • Customizable NYFW Schedule Template to add your attendance confirmations and details that keep you organized 
  • Pitch Report Template to help you track your confirmation and pending invites
  • Instructions and access to Fashion GPS (private fashion community where brands, media and retailers are able to connect seamlessly to share invites, events and opportunities surrounding fashion week)
  • NOT the general contacts you find online


Julie with NYFW designer Michael Costello

Julie with NYFW designer Michael Costello

who this is for?

    • Bloggers/Influencers who are attending Fashion Week, or want to attend Fashion Week
    • Bloggers/Influencers who want to use Fashion Week as a way to connect with brands
    • Bloggers/Influencers who want an easy roadmap on how to get in to NYFW
    • Bloggers/Influencers who want to confirm meetings with top fashion PR agencies while at NYFW
    • Bloggers/Influencers who want access to contacts for all NYFW shows 
    • Bloggers/Influencers who want to pitch hotels for collaborations during NYFW
    • Bloggers who don't have the budget to hire a PR firm to wrangle NYFW for them
    • Bloggers who are tired of wasting time and frustration trying to figure it all out themselves 


    Enroll now for instant access to your templates, lists and downloads!


    + When is New York Fashion Week?

    NYFW: Women’s is held from September 7 – 13, 2017

    + Do you have to have an invite to go to a New York Fashion Week show?

    YES, all official NYFW industry-only events require a ticket for all seating or standing confirmations. You obtain your ticket through your invite confirmation. You can, however, purchase tickets to any open to the public shows.

    + How do I reach out to a brand?

    We supply you with the most update to date contact list and pitch templates for every situation to pitch for this season’s NYFW.

    + How do I find the brand contacts?

    You don’t have to find them because we have them for you! These are not just general contacts you can find online, these are specific to this season. Just sign up, and you’re good to go!

    + Can I just buy the contact list or pitch templates separately?

    Unfortunately no, the guidebook is a complete package.

    + Do I get to keep the templates and contact lists?

    YES, once your purchase the guidebook, the information and content are yours to keep.

    + Can I give my friends copies of the guidebook, templates and contacts I purchase?

    NO, that is illegal under copyright laws, and is why everyone that purchases has to sign in to the database to receive the guidebook and contact database. If you have friends that would like the guidebook, please share this page so they can purchase.

    + How many pitch templates are included?

    There are six pitch templates total covering the following: Show Invites, Follow up, Seat Confirmations / +1 Availability/ Fitting Opportunitiy / Backstage Meet and Greet Opportunities, Agency Meeting Inquiry, Pitch a Hotel Collaboration, Pitch an After Party/ Event.

    + How many contacts are on the list for Fashion Week?

    We have over 95% of this seasons’ shows listed on our contact list (over 75+ show contacts, over a dozen hotel contacts, and will be adding each day as more come in leading up to Day 1 of NYFW). Each Fashion Week season is different, so the total number of contacts changes based on the season. The other 5% of shows are invite only and do not accept pitches, so they are not included in the guidebook.

    + What if a contact that I want is not on the list?

    As mentioned above, we do our very best to have the most up to date contact list possible for fashion week. However, there are a small group of fashion houses / fashion shows that do not accept pitches, as they are invite only. Therefore, not every single show of the season is listed, but close to all are.

    + What if a contact email bounces back?

    The fashion industry is constantly moving, and so do its major players. If you find that any of the contact information is out of date or incorrect, DO NOT WORRY! This is very common, especially from season to season of fashion week. We tried our very best to catch all of this as early as possible, but NYFW attendance works on a very short lead-time. With this said, we, of course, have you covered! Simply drop an email to [email protected] with "NYFW List Correction" in the subject line along with the out of date/bounced email and we promise to have you an update within 72 hours in our contact database that you will have exclusive access to after signing up.

    + The fashion show I really want to attend isn’t listed in the schedule, why?

    The industry schedule will continue to update until Day 1 of NYFW. We have you covered; we will update our schedule in real time between now and Day 1 of NYFW in our contact database that you will have exclusive access to after signing up.

    + What if no one responds to my pitch?

    As we say in this industry, advertising is paid while pitching is PRAYED. We cannot guarantee that the contacts listed will respond to every pitch. What we can guarantee is the most informative, up to date guidebook to pitching and contacts that have resulted in many responses and confirmations in the past. The guidebook is SUPER simple to use and follow and gives a very useful and clear roadmap to getting the results you want.

    + Do I have to sign up for Fashion GPS?

    It is not required but strongly encouraged, as that is how most invites are received. In the guidebook, you will receive detailed information and instructions regarding Fashion GPS and how to best use.

    + What if I change my mind, can I get my money back?

    Due to the nature of the information included, and how easy it is to quickly replicate and use, there are no refunds for this purchase.

    + What if I have successes or additional questions, can I share that with you?

    PLEASE! We would love to hear your success stories and any challenges you may be having. We will be creating a private group for fashionistas who purchase the guidebook to share that feedback, tips and wins from their pitching. This way, we can keep up with how things are going in real time and receive and updated tips and guidance along the way.

    What other fashionistas are saying...

    Julie truly changed the way I thought about pitching. I feel fortunate to have her on my team, and appreciate all the thoughtfulness that goes in to her work and direction!

    – Emily Maynard
    New York Times Best-Selling Author, ABC’s The Bachelorette, Blogger, Designer  

    From giving feedback about personal branding to helping create a message that resonates with my audience, Julie has helped with it all. Her encouragement has helped me realize my strengths & focus on putting those into fruition & she's always willing to answer my questions which means everything to me.

    Sheridan Gregory
    Lifestyle Blogger, YouTuber 

    Julie taught me how to brand myself in a way that helps me stand out in the blogger world.  Her expert advice allowed me to identify my audience which allowed for growth and better engagement! 

    Angela Lanter
    Fashion / Lifestyle Blogger, YouTuber

    Oh man, it was like hitting a gold mine with Julie!  Signing up for her programs was one of the best decisions I could have made. Her courses are a must-do and I really walked away feeling so much more confident. I love that she is so passionate about what she does, but in such a relatable way. She’s so encouraging and engaged with her audience, I know you will feel the same way about her too!

    Sam Skelton
    Lifestyle Blogger

    About Julie

    Hey ya'll! I’m a Nashville native, now LA transplant. I’ve been working in the PR, marketing and branding world for over a decade and have had the pleasure of working with some of the country’s most recognized authors, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers.

    Since co-founding a successful PR agency in 2013, OMG! Publicity, and building a resource-heavy blog and blogger resource podcast called The Influencer Podcast, I thrive off combining my skill-set, passion, and my love for working with people. Through my website, I’ve developed two courses; Pitch It Perfect, a customized course that teaches entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives pitch strategies, and Conscious Connection, a six-week, one-on-one branding consultation program that teaches online marketing, public relations and branding to bloggers and influencers.

    For more about me and the work that I’ve done, please visit my homepage! Have a fantastic and
    successful fashion week!!!

    xox Juls