006: How to Focus Down on Social Media Branding with Calli Cholodenko, Founder of Something Social

In the last weeks episode we dove deep into growing a brand using affiliate marketing with Business Development Manager for ShopStyle Collective Deanna Ritter. In this weeks episode we learn how to focus in on our social media brand with Calli Cholodenko, founder of Something Social.

How to focus down on Social Media Branding with Calli Cholodenko. The Influencer Podcast, with Julie Solomon #branding #InfluencerMarketing

I am with such a special woman today and so thrilled to have her on the show. I get to introduce you to Calli Cholodenko, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years now. She is based in Los Angeles, and is the founder of Something Social, a social media + creative agency specializing in lifestyle brands. After graduating from USC, Calli didn’t believe in a “one size fits all” career path, And when it hit her that she couldn’t simply stumble upon the place where her knack for branding, creative strategies, photography and business development all collided, she, naturally, created it.

Calli found her niche of bringing brands to life through social media. Since its inception in early 2014, Something Social has grown to work with top lifestyle brands on both a local and national level, along with industry leaders and community influencers. Past and present clients include Westfield, Skechers, Nine Zero One salon, h.wood group, Wildfox, Greenleaf, Cycle House, and The Glam App to name a few.

Calli has been featured in bossladies magazine, the Planoly Blog and on The Balanced Blonde. When Calli isn’t running the social media world, you can find her teaching Intro to Social Media at FIDM and speaking at various national conference including Social Media Marketing World and Simply Stylist all while looking fabulous I may add! If you don’t follow Calli or Something Social on Instagram, you must start today!

Ever since I met Calli, I was immediately drawn to her infectious personality. Once you meet Calli you can’t help but to be in awe of her creative spirit, her warmth, her vast knowledge of this industry and all over energy that she exudes. She is such a force of joy and innovation, a true connector at heart and I can’t wait to dive in to our conversation today!

Show Notes

  • The importance of believing in yourself 7:20

  • How to identify the unique characters visions and values of your brand.

  • DO YOU – You Keep It You 14:00

  • On how authenticity attributes to success: How to Be Unapologetically You

  • How to overcome the fear of selling yourself on social media 8:15

  • What’s is like working with major brands like Cycle House and The Glam App 21:20

  • How to focus down on your own social strategy 26:50

  • Why its important to say no and how “working for free” is undervaluing the influencer and blogger space 32:20

  • Valuing Your Business Worth 33:42

  • The importance of your social media insights and how to analyze them 40:05

  • How you can be open to adjusting your social media strategy 41:40

  • How important intuition is when growing your influence 47:20

  • Staying level headed and delegating responsibility 48:10

  • Big mistakes that influencers are making in today’s online world 52:00


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