007: Gaining Clarity, Mindfulness and Intention in Your Influence with Business Coach Jennifer Jaden

In the last weeks episode we learned how to focus in on our social media brand with Calli Cholodenko, founder of Something Social.

How to gain clarity, mindfulness and intention in your Influence with Business Coach Jennifer Jaden. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon #TheInfluencerPodcast #InfluencerMarketing #business…

Today’s episode is going to be on that is near and dear to my heart, as the person that I am speaking with is a person in my life that really was a catalyst for the podcast coming to fruition. Jennifer Jaden - business and branding coach and consultant for entrepreneurs wanting to take their dream and business online.  She has coached over 100 people and helped them build their own personal empires! Allowing them to have freedom and create their own success. She is also the founder of Societygal – an community of female entrepreneurs that crush it, online! We have grown a community of over 40,000 women in just over a year! Her mission is to serve women who are in the creative space, who are ready to build authentic brands that can grow with them! She is also one of the first friends of mine to tell me a few years ago that I really needed to rebrand, and when I finally listened, my entire business changed. She is also a survivor and a warrior who fights Lyme Disease every day, which we will also cover.

Show Notes

  • How she went from food stamps to business coach 3:00

  • Her coaching technique 3:45

  • The inspiration behind SocietyGal 4:25

  • The power of mindset work 6:45

  • Her top tools for getting in the headspace for optimal business growth 9:20

  • How she sets her day up for success 12:35

  • Finding your unique essence 17:20

  • How to dig in to your real inspirations 20:00

  • What we can all learn from The Skinny Confidential 20:55

  • The important of attracting and repelling 22:40

  • Why a following number doesn’t count 23:00

  • How to stop being a walking billboard ad 25:50

  • The power of visualization 31:00

  • Her journey through Lyme disease 41:00

  • The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ 45:00


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