008: Turn Blogging and YouTube into a Mega Business with Angela Lanter


In the last weeks episode we got enlightened on gaining clarity, mindfulness and intention in our influence with Business Coach and Founder of SocietyGal Jennifer Jaden. This weeks episode shares the secrets behind growing a YouTube following, how to build long term relationships with brands and how to build to right audience with blogger, YouTube'r and founder of Hello Gorgeous, Angela Lanter.

I am so thrilled to introduce you to one of my best friends, the relatable, successful and gorgeous Angela Lanter. Angela is one of the most sought after lifestyle bloggers and YouTubers in the country. She is the founder of Hello Gorgeous and runs the highly popular YouTube channel of the same name that offers tips and how to’s on all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has been named one of PopSugar’s Blogger of the Year. She has worked with major brands including Revlon, Nordstrom, Laneige, Dove, Pantene, L'Oreal, Sephora, and Macy's. What makes Angela truly shine among the saturation is her willingness to be open and vulnerable in the influencer space. Her newsletter series Girl Talk Tuesday sets out to help other women feel more comfortable with who they are and helps them to feel more gorgeous in their own skin. She is creative, talented and most importantly one of the best friends a woman could ask for!


  • How to launch a blog and youtube channel 3:00
  • How the industry has changed the way we blog 8:30
  • How to evolve with the industry 10:00
  • The right way work with brands 12:00
  • The importance of testing different things out for your audience 14:00
  • How to get brand deals 16:15
  • How to build the RIGHT audience 20:30
  • Angela’s secrets to connecting on social media in an engaged way 22:20
  • What NOT to do on Instagram in order to grow 24:38
  • How to engage with a brand on social media using PeopleMap 28:00
  • The SECRET to growing on Instagram 30:00
  • How to engage with brands on social media 32:42
  • How to start and grow your YouTube Channel 35:45
  • What is “tent pole” and why its important for YouTube 38:30
  • Trends that are going to make a big social media impact 44:20
  • How to balance sponsored with authenticity 48:55





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