009: Building an Intentional Influencer Community with Fashion Mamas Founder, Natalie Alcala

Building and international Influencer Community with Natalie Alcala - Fashion Mamas Founder. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon #InfluencerMarketing #community #Podcast #JulieSolomon #TheInfluencerPodcast

Last weeks episode shared the secrets behind growing a YouTube following, how to build long term relationships with brands and how to build the right audience with blogger, youtuber and founder of Hello Gorgeous, Angela Lanter. This weeks episode we talk to founder of FashionMamas, Natalie Alcala on how to balance motherhood and a career in online marketing and fashion. 

Natalie is the founder of FashionMamas, the first members-only network for influential mothers who work in fashion and creative industries. FashionaMamas goal is to connect women through industry and motherhood. What started as 10 women has now turned in to 400 members worldwide including chapters in LA San Francisco and New York City.

Natalie is also a freelance fashion editor and the former senior editor of Racked LA. Her work has been featured in a variety of noteworthy publications, including Vogue, Elle, Refinery29, Who What Wear, The Zoe Report, LA Magazine, and Blackbook Magazine. Natalie is mort importantly a mom to two-year-old son, Diego, and her family lives in LA.

BizBash recently named FashionMama’s Mama Mirage Palm Springs party the first family-friendly Coachella event and Red Tricycle named Natalie one of their "Power Moms" last year. She also just featured in Levi's Mother's Day campaign for her work with Fashion Mamas.

Through the network of Fashion Mamas, Natalie works with brands including Revolve, Lululemon, Moon Juice, Munchkin, Rose & Rex, Rebecca Minkoff, Kite Hill, and Laduree. She connects these brands with her network of Fashion Mamas, with the goal to influence more awareness, leadership and creativity in the space. Natalie and her work have been featured in LA Times, Mom.me, Chalkboard Mag, Us Weekly, E! Online, Bravo (blog), Racked LA.


  • Starting Fashion Mamas 2:20

  • Her mission for working mothers 3:45

  • That thing she learned from Jessica Alba about creativity 6:50

  • How to turn an idea into a brand 8:40

  • What to expect from joining Fashion Mamas 11:35

  • Biggest challenges working mothers who are influencers face in business 14:45

  • Biggest trends she sees in the influencer space and how that shapes the community 18:25

  • Microbloggers that are doing well with their influence 22:11

  • How did her career change from becoming a mother 24:30

  • Can mothers have it all? 28:00

  • Her advice for moms to be and new moms 34:30

  • New things coming up for Fashion Mamas – their new national Summit 38:50





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