010: How to Fast Track Your Influence with Sarah Boyd, Founder of Simply Stylist

In last weeks episode we talked to founder of FashionMamas, Natalie Alcala on how to balance motherhood and a career in online marketing and fashion.  This weeks episode we learn how to Fast Track our Influence with Sarah Boyd, Founder of Simply Stylist.

Sarah Boyd is founder of Simply, Inc. and Simply Stylist. Simply Stylist is the catalyst for bringing fashion, beauty, and tech mavens together to network, mingle, inspire and create new relationships — all with a dose of kindness. 

In 2012, Simply Stylist emerged as the first and premier style conference solely focused on fashion and beauty insiders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and influencers and continues to pave the way for how experts collaborate to move the industry forward through social media. 
With conferences spanning across the United States and reaching a global audience, Simply Stylist provides a unique destination for brands to interact with influencers and active consumers and engage their network of followers. 

In 2014, Sarah created Simply Digital Network to assist celebrity bloggers in navigating the digital space and monetize their blogs. Through the digital network Sarah works with celebrity clients including Alessandra Ambrosio, Lauren Bushnell, Jamie Chung, Ali Fedotowsky, Olivia Culpo, Catt Sadler, Brandi Cyrus, Audrina Patridge, Julianne Hough and Brands including Coppertone, Dove and Hair Food

Sarah was named by Forbes Magazine one of their “Female Founders to Watch” in 2013. And as of this month, Sarah announced a major accomplishment, Simply was just acquired by Nylon and Socialyte!   Sarah is also a mom and is always so intentional about building up the value of theinfluencer space, which we are about to dive into!


  • How Simply Stlyist came about 2:00
  • How she quit her corporate job to go out on her own 4:07
  • Her vision of starting one of the first ever digital conference 6:00
  • The important of sharing information as an influencer 10:00
  • How using “Clearbit” has helped her 13:05
  • Why you should NEVER ASK for anything (Her # 1 Marketing Tip) 14:00
  • How to grow without a team 15:08
  • Who to hire first when you build a team 18:45
  • How to grow an influencers reach 21:31
  • How to figure out your budget 24:00
  • What brands look for in influencers when collaborating 25:45
  • Tagger – what it is and why you should use it 26:17
  • Why you should ALWAYS tag brands you love 27:28
  • What makes a brand work with certain influencers over other 29:50
  • Does a following number matter 33:00
  • What is the CPM and why does it matter 33:40
  • What is the sweet spot following number to start making an income 34:00
  • The current challenges that influencers are facing 38:00
  • Why its important to respect other social media platforms besides Insatgram 40:30
  • The importance of your newsletter 42:00
  • What we can all learn from Damsel in Dior 44:45





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