011: How to Market Yourself for free and Defining the Micro Influencer with Popsugar's Kirbie Johnson

In last weeks episode we learned how to Fast Track our Influence with Sarah Boyd, Founder of Simply Stylist. This weeks episode we explore the significance of micro-influencing with Popsugar’s Kirbie Johnson, and the growing impact Facebook is having on our brands in 2017.

Kirbie is most recognized as the host and producer for POPSUGAR's Beauty Junkie and Pretty Unfiltered, two critically acclaimed franchise shows on the POPSUGAR network. Kirbie strives to teach her audience how to feel most beautiful by working on what’s inside, and by starting open, real conversations with her guests and her viewers. Kirbie has been featured as an expert and personality on The Today Show and The Doctors, and has spoken at national events like South by Southwest. 

She has collaborated with brands including Revlon, Benefit Cosmetics and Ulta Beauty.

I can’t wait for our conversation, as I know there are so many micro influencers listening that can’t wait to hear all the inside scoop and advice she has to share.





  • How she got started with Popsugar 2:00
  • How she garners brand deals 7:00
  • How to grow an organic engagement 11:15
  • Why money doesn’t always matter 11:37
  • How to differentiate your voice 13:40
  • How to build a brand 15:30
  • What consumers don’t like 16:05
  • How to find out what your audience needs from you 17:09
  • The different between millennial and Gen Z and why its important 19:00
  • Who is a micro-influencer and why is that important 26:30
  • What brands need to learn about influencers 31:30
  • Who is Caroline Hirins and why you should know her 32:50
  • Why some people hate the word influencer 33:00
  • Why influencing is not like manipulation 34:00
  • Why buying followers and your engagement hurts you in the long run 38:20
  • Our frustration with the industry devaluing our work 39:00
  • Why bloggers like Aimee Song keep getting brand deals 42:50
  • When will the influence bubble pop? 44:00
  • The benefits of a micro influencer 46:10
  • The most important data you need to collect for brand deals 49:10
  • The issue with “following numbers” 55:30
  • The beauty of being discovered 59:30
  • The importance of focusing on a specific vertical 01:02:00
  • Why everything comes down to knowing your audience 01:05:47
  • The power of Facebook, and why we are all missing the mark 01:07:30





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