012: Using Pinterest to Grow Your Influence & Pursuing Your True Purpose with Melyssa Griffin

In last week's episode we explored the significance of micro-influencing with PopSugar's Kirbie Johnson, and the growing impact Facebook is having on our brands in 2017. In this week's episode, we learn how Melyssa Griffin converted her engagement and online courses into multi-million dollar enterprises using Pinterest, Facebook ads, and list building. Melyssa also shares refreshing guidance on handling comparison and negativity in social media.

Melyssa Griffin teaches online courses and live workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their after-work hobbies into full-time businesses. I first got to know of Melyssa through our mutual friend and graphic designer, Jillian Adriana.  And was I so excited to discover Melyssa, her wealth of knowledge and her desire to connect with intention.

A few of her specialties include list-building, webinars, using Pinterest to get organic traffic, and content marketing.

She also leads a very active Facebook group of 60,000 members and helps almost 150,000 entrepreneurs with her weekly emails. But most importantly, she's the mom to one wacky corgi, an expert at laughing, and a green smoothie aficionado.

Y'all when I tell you she the Pinterest guru, I am not joking! Her course Pinfitnite Growth has helped hundreds of thousands of influencers grow their business, brand, and income by driving traffic and leads to their site.

Her mission is to help people create businesses and lives that bring them meaning and fulfillment. Melyssa strives to help people feel like their lives matter and that they have the power to achieve the vision they have for their life.

She also has a future podcast coming which I can’t wait for her to share.

So get ready for a deep dive into all things Pinterest, Google SEO, Facebook, List building and what it looks like to have real meaning and purpose in your life living that through your services.


  • How she started her online empire 2:26
  • How to grow your side hustle 5:20
  • Why its important to serve the platform you already have 7:30
  • How to use Pinterest to grow your business 8:50
  • Understanding that Pinterest is not a social media platform 10:50
  • Top 3 takeaways for growing with Pinterest 12:35
  • Why she shares her income reports on her website 15:17
  • The importance of list building and how to grow your email list 21:26
  • How to use Facebook groups to grow your brand 26:57
  • The power of Facebook ads and how to use the RIGHT way 31:22
  • What she has found that converts the most engagement and growth for her 37:51
  • Challenges she sees influencers facing in terms of engagement 39:29
  • Does a following number really matter? 41:20
  • How to handle comparison 43:50
  • Why Melyssa stopped following everyone on social media! 45:30
  • Responding to negativity and hate 49:30
  • How to build meaningful relationships 55:00
  • How she strives to find purpose and intention in her daily life 59:00
  • Melyssa’s new podcast Pursuit with Purpose is launching 1:04:00
  • Quick fire round 1:07:03





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