013: Creating Healthy Business Boundaries and Owning Your Inner Survivor with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

In last week's episode we learned how Melyssa Griffin converted her blog and online courses into multi-million dollar enterprises using Pinterest, Facebook ads, and list building. In this weeks episode with talk to NYT best-selling author, blogger, entrepreneur and survivor Lauren Scruggs Kennedy on creating a brand with balance, finding the gift of purpose through tragedy, and how to create boundaries for a healthier life.

Today’s guest is someone that is very close friend of mine. She is one of those people who just lights up the universe when she is around. You can’t help but to be inspired by her kindness, encouraged by her grace, empowered by her strength and proud of her influence – she is a wellness warrior and a survivor. NY Times Best-Selling Author, Blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy passionate about health and balance and is driven from a passion of wanting to educate and help others become their best self.

She just co launched a new all natural loose powder dry shampoo for all hair types called Stranded and recently founded the LSKF which exists to bring hope, restore dignity, and ignite faith in girls and women with limb loss by providing beautiful prosthetics!

Lauren was also named one of People Magazine’s Heroes and Icons of 2017. I can not wait to have Lauren shine so much renewed joy and light in your life today


  • How Lauren started a career in blogging 1:50
  • Working with Gossip Girl in the wardrobe department 6:15
  • Growing in the Dallas blogger market 8:30
  • The importance of testing things out 10:15
  • Why she rebranded her blog in 2016 12:00
  • How her accident changed her life 18:30
  • What she learned from Bethany Hamilton 19:20
  • Her best-selling books 22:25
  • What being “rooted in balance” means to her 26:00
  • The importance of saying no 29:15
  • The importance of boundaries 30:10
  • The challenges of connecting with your audience 33:00
  • How her husband Jason supports her 37:20
  • Her tips on working with brands 41:00
  • Why she created her dry shampoo line Stranded 43:50
  • Her new foundation, LSK Foundation, and its mission 48:00
  • What influencers inspire her 50:46





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