014: Stand Out Among The Saturation with Photographer Valorie Darling


I am so thrilled to introduce you to the super versatile, dynamic, heartfelt and relatable Valorie Darling. Based in Los Angeles, Valorie is one of the most sought after lifestyle photographers in the country, specializing in weddings, fashion, and travel. She is also an influencer with her travel page @DestinationDarling and works consistently with Lauren Conrad on her various branding platforms including Paper Crown, LC Lauren Conrad, and Little Market. Val has also collaborated with The Stylist LA, many of the ladies from The Bachelor franchise, and some of the top lifestyle and fashion bloggers to date. 

She has been named one of The Knot’s "Best of Weddings" Photographers in 2015, 2016, 2017 where she is published. Other publishing features include People, InStyle, Us Weekly and she is a regular contributor to Lauren Conrad's blog, The Little Market.

She’s truly all things amazing. Her philanthropic work and how she uses her influence to serve is so inspiring. Valorie co-founded her first non-profit organization, Helping Hearts, at the age of eleven and later starting the NFPO, Camp SoCal HeARTs, (an art-based summer camp for foster children in LA) in 2010, which we will explore today. So we are about to dive deep into how she, being behind the lens, impacts the influencer space and brings about an infectious joy and passion to growing this world of digital marketing. 



  • How Val went from cheerleader at Oregon to a well renowned photographer and influencer 2:20

  • The power of believing in yourself 8:38

  • How to differentiate yourself in a saturated market 11:00

  • Following your intuition 13:07

  • What we can learn from Dave Ramsey 15:30

  • Honoring your journey even when you feel like you’re not gaining success fast enough 16:00

  • What images are too saturated on social media 17:45

  • What influencers can learn from working with a photographer 23:33

  • When forcing a look hurts your brand 26:50

  • Working with Lauren Conrad and The Little Market 28:50

  • Seeing the world through a different lens 32:00

  • How her non-profit So-Cal Hearts adds value in her work 34:00

  • Her favorite place in the world to shoot 37:15

  • Best place for a blogger to shoot 38:13

  • The best camera for a blogger to use to shoot photos 39:25

  • How to make a photo pop on her feed 41:20

  • How to keep criticism in check 43:00

  • Favorite apps and podcasts to set your day up for success 46:30

  • Her favorite photographers on social media 48:50

  • Our love for Jenna Kutcher 50:30





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