015: How to Partner with Brands from Baublebar Co-Founder Daniella Yacobovsky

In last week's episode, photographer Valorie Daring shined her light on us as we explored the world of photography, its impact on the influencer industry and how to stand out among the saturation. This week’s episode takes us behind the scenes of the mega successful brand Baublebar with its co-founder Daniella Yacobovsky. Daniella shares tips on brand growth, the best tools to use to target your ideal audience, the importance of engagement vs scale, and what an influencer must do to get noticed by a major brand.

I am looking forward to you hearing from today's guest, a megastar boss in the jewelry industry that I was so honored to meet a few months ago! I’ve also had the privilege of working with her team for a few years now supporting outreach on social media through blogging and influence efforts. 

Daniella Yacobovsky is the co-founder and CMO of my favorite jewelry retailer, BaubleBar. Baublebar is the first fashion jewelry brand to disrupt the industry and redefine how women shop for accessories. With co-founder Amy Jain, BaubleBar cornered a niche in the $22-billion-dollar jewelry industry as the first fashion jewelry brand offering exceptional selection and style guidance at a guilt-free price. 

Today, BaubleBar amasses over 1,500 orders per day, one million monthly site visitors and powerful brand, retail and celebrity partnerships. 

Using her keen eye for design and grasp on fashion’s ever-changing trends, Daniella spearheads all of BaubleBar’s creative, overseeing everything from the product design and digital marketing to the brand’s original content and social footprint. Daniella holds a B.S. from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. 

What is truly special about Daniella, Amy and their creation of Baublebar is their impressive and unique approach to connecting and understanding the needs and wants of their consumers. 



  • How she went from Wall Street, Harvard Business School to BaubleBar 00:20

  • The power of thinking outside the box

  • The tipping point in BaubleBar’s success

  • Being lucky instead of smart 6:34

  • How to stick out among the saturation and what makes a conversion 8:20

  • The growth of a business – employees and when to hire 12:15

  • Collaborating with Target on Sugarfix and the power of partnerships 16:27

  • How to narrow down your target audience 22:20

  • Best tools to use to target your audience 23:30

  • The benefits of surveying your audience 25:40

  • Challenges brands are facing in the coming year 27:30

  • What she would have done differently when she started her brand 31:10

  • What Baublebar looks for when aligning with bloggers and influencers to collaborate with 34:40

  • What can an influencer do to get noticed by a brand like Baublebar 39:10

  • The importance of mentors and business coaches when growing a brand 40:12

  • Her best advice to influencers when building a brand 42:41

  • What do we have to look forward to with Baublebar – new products and launches coming 45:52

  • The importance of understanding engagement vs scale 48:10





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