016: From Assistant to a 500K Influence – The Evolution of Creative Dawn McCoy

Last week's episode took us behind the scenes of the mega successful brand Baublebar with its co-founder Daniella Yacobovsky. Daniella shared tips on brand growth, the best tools to use to target your ideal audience, the importance of engagement vs scale, and what an influencer must do to get noticed by a major brand. In this weeks episode, writer and influencer Dawn McCoy shares how she went from Barbara Streisand’s assistant to a mega social media influencer, and how she grew from 0 to over 250K followers along the way.

Today we get to explore the world of an influencer who defines what it means to “brand thyself.”

She is someone who could never be put in a box - or a corner. Not being labeled as one thing is something Dawn doesn’t demand, she just commands it. Dawn McCoy makes a living - well just by being WHO.SHE.IS. Which is an actual creative.

Dawn is an influencer who wears a few hats, and by few, I mean a few dozen. She is a host, public speaker, social media influencer, writer, content creator, social media branding expert, actor, songwriter, editor of the blog, Dawnspiration, and host and producer of “Dine & Dish with Dawn,” her celebrity interview show where food, wine and giving back are the focal points.

As a social media influencer, content creator and brand ambassador - with over 300k combined followers on her social channels - she has become a nationally respected tastemaker. She has partnered with Möet to design a room in the famed Christopher Kennedy Compound and has also partnered with LA Food & Wine Festival, ComicCon. Additionally, she’s a frequent guest on Dr.Oz, Hallmark Home & Family, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Real and more.

As a voiceover actor, you hear her as the voice of Diet Dr. Pepper, Pandora Radio, Hampton Inn, Marshalls, Target and more.

A proponent of “doing good,” she was the official spokesperson & Global Ambassador for Unite4Good in 2015, is currently an ambassador for No Kid Hungry and Dress For Success. Last year, her #Dear15Me philanthropic social media movement was a feature on The Real.

Dawn lives here in LA, with her Maltese, Miss Ellie, who, by the way, is also a brand and dogfluencer in a place called “Casa Texicali” because you can take the girl out of Texas…but you can never take Texas out of the girl…



  • How she went from Texas, to working with Barbara Streisand to living in Los Angeles 3:30
  • How she used moments of fear to find her brilliance 11:40
  • How she is able to cultivate relationships in order to create an influencer career 14:00
  • How her blog went from a place of brokenness to a business 20:00
  • How to find your authenticity 25:00
  • How to come from a place of service when you are selling 32:30
  • How to deal with the haters on social media 35:00
  • How to open yourself up to influence and growth 42:00
  • How to get over the plateau of growth 43:40
  • Why she switched from a “blog name” to her real name 47:45
  • What The Artists Way taught her 50:00
  • Trends she sees shifting the industry 53:30





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