017: How to Get Paid for Being Yourself and Land Free Publicity for Your Business

In last week’s episode, writer and influencer Dawn McCoy shared how she went from Barbara Streisand’s assistant to a mega social media influencer, and how she grew from 0 to over 250K followers and what it really means to brand yourself. This week, I show you exactly how to gain free publicity for your business, garner brand deals as an influencer, write an effective pitch, and how to stand out among the saturation by using a unique pitching formula that I developed.

Today we are talking about how to get paid for being yourself and how to land free PR for your business. I am super excited to walk you through today’s episode, sharing with you a ton of secrets and insider tips from my decade long career as a publicist, influencer and marketing strategist.

But I am most excited to walk you through today’s episode because I am going to be sharing with you one of my biggest business failures --- and will teach you how I overcame this failure so you can hopefully learn from my mistakes and navigate through your challenges easier than I did. I also have a pretty fantastic freebie for you related to pitching yourself to media outlets and landing brand deals. It’s going to make applying these tips so much easier, so make sure to listen because you don’t miss it! Make sure to scroll below for your FREEBIE


  • Your freebie for the week 1:27
  • Why I rebranded my blog 2:45
  • What burnt me out 4:40
  • First step to brand growth 7:58
  • Second step to brand growth 9:03
  • Third step to brand growth 10:35
  • The importance of pitching 10:58
  • How to build relationships with media 12:35
  • How to become an expert 13:40
  • The importance of the "hook" 15:30
  • Fourth step to brand growth 17:09
  • Final step to brand growth 18:57
  • Help a Reporter Out - what it is.. 19:38
  • Your FREEBIE 20:10
  • Hard fought lessons I learned 20:40
  • How I found the best strategy and clear roadmap to success 23:00
  • HOW to apply all the steps I just walked you through 26:45
  • The best strategy that helps you streamline and grow for a long term business 28:00
  • Pitch it Perfect and its benefits 28:45





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