021: Turning Your Passion into a Brand + the Power of Digital Platforms with TV Host Kelly Rizzo


In last week’s episode, Jasmine Star shined her light on this week’s episode, sharing with us how to resist conformity, follow our fear and leaves us with actionable steps to rework our social media strategy. This week, TV & Radio host and influencer Kelly Rizzo shares how she took her love and passion for food and transformed it into a successful TV show, and how she uses her skillset in front of the camera to grow an influence and build out other branded opportunities.

Joining us today is Kelly Rizzo, the rocker-chic host of 'Eat Travel Rock TV,' the popular on demand entertainment series where she goes behind the scenes and off the cuff with master chefs and other creative industry heavyweights while traveling the world. You can also find this Chicago native coast to coast as food, travel & lifestyle expert and influencer, featured everywhere from ABC's FABLife to VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey.  

Her mission it to bring the best of food, travel, and music together. Just last year, Kelly was chosen, along with five journalists worldwide, to travel to Japan to explore the Mie Prefecture before they hosted the G7 summit.

Kelly has worked with brands including Maven, Booking.com, Corona, Virgin Hotels, Swiss Deluxe Hotels, Swiss Airlines, Citi, Chase, Kimpton Hotels, LAMB, HP, KIND Snacks, Lexus... and more!

Kelly’s infectious personality, love of food and curiosity of the world around her makes following her travels inspiring and entertaining. Kelly brings about a unique perspective to social media branding in that she has been able to pair her Sicilian roots and love of food and travel into a successful on camera career. 

I met Kelly’s over five years ago in Nashville, TN through mutual friends - where of course music and food were the main topics of conversation. So naturally, we hit it off with our commonalities and have been following each other's evolution ever since. Another common thread is that we are both now living in Los Angeles with our handsome leading men while navigating this new age of digital media. I can’t wait to peek inside Kelly’s world today to get a unique perspective on her influence in front of and behind the screen! 



  • How she got started BEFORE the influencer space even started. 2:40

  • Tips for influencers who want to get in front of the camera. 7:20

  • How to create a media deck / press kit that stands out. 10:12

  • The importance of diversifying your brand and platforms on social media. 22:31

  • Setting your rates / knowing your worth. 26:40

  • Her best tips to collaborating with brands. 33:00

  • Her take on giveaways. 35:26

  • Sponsored Posts and her thoughts. 38:00

  • Upcoming industry trends that she think matters. 43:50




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