024: “Sometimes, It Sucks!” Getting Real About Blogging with Ashley Fultz and Abby Ochse.


I am so thrilled to introduce you to two of my closest friends in the influencer space, Ashley Fultz and Abby Ochse. Ashley is Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and TV Style Expert. Ashley shares fashion and beauty tips and tricks as well as documents her personal style, home and life as a new mom her her website The Style Editrix. AOL featured Ashley as one of the 'Top 30 LA Bloggers to Follow'. She is also a regular contributor/Style Expert on KTLA in Los Angeles, and has been featured on The Zoe Report, E! Online, Refinery29 and more.

Blogger Abby Ochse founded The Chic Mamas to create a platform where Mothers and parents could come to converse on the everyday life of raising children. It is a venue to create conversation with honesty about the "not so chic" moments of raising tiny humans and also incorporates travel, product reviews, food and drink recipes, along with Mommy and Me inspirations. Abby has also been a nurse for the last ten years, 9 of which were spent in Oncology and Stem Cell Transplants. She is also the founder of the upcoming series #MomGuiltMondays where Moms can say goodbye to the blame game, get real about not loving every minute of Motherhood and start living their lives without shame!
and launching an upcoming t-shirt line Strut Like A Mutha. Along with her husband, actor Aj Buckley, they co-founded a luxury diaper bag company, called Paperclip Life that was recently featured on People Magazine.

I wanted to have both of these fabulous women on at the same time because they have a lot in common. They are both originally from Kentucky, both entrepreneurs and both mothers. But most of all, they know what’s its like to have blogging be a side hustle as well as a full time gig. They’ve been through it all ladies. Along with their amazing success, Abby and Ashley are always super candid about what, well…sucks…about being an influencer. The hardships, the pitfalls, the plateaus… but they are also super innovative and know how to get back up, dust off the dirt and succeed. So they have a lot of REAL wisdom and action base takeaways to share…


  • How they got started 3:00
  • Issues with saturation and engagement 8:56
  • How bloggers and brands are getting smarter about influencer marketing 12:26
  • Tackling Instagram Stories and IG Live 15:20
  • How to plan content and does it even help with productivity and growth 18:37
  • Side Hustle Drama 20:00
  • Are blogs dead? 23:15
  • Repeat business, how to get brands to collaborate more than once 25:55
  • Comment Pods and Giveaways, are they really helping? 28:45
  • Mistake bloggers keep making 35:10
  • What has NOT worked in the past for growth 38:01
  • How to refocus when strategies don’t work 41:04
  • Tools they use for more engagement 44:51
  • Their biggest tips for growth 46:27




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