025: How to Rework Your Struggling Influence Using Media Opportunities


Last week, bloggers Ashley Fultz and Abby Osche got real about the side of growing a blog and influencer career that can sometimes suck, and how to overcome the frustrations and struggles. This week PR specialist and blogger Molly Schoneveld teaches us how to rework our influence using online media opportunities.

Molly is the founder of SW PR Shop, a boutique public relations firm based in Los Angeles. Specializing in the entertainment, interior design & lifestyle space, our team serves as an integral resource and partner for building brand awareness and developing a successful public relations strategy. In addition to media relations, she offers offer brand strategy, influencer outreach, social media content direction and management.

Molly works with Audrina Patridge, Ali Fedotowksy, Lauren Bushnell and Milk Boutique.
Molly has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, beginning her public relations career at the prominent agency PMK/BNC, where she worked with A-list talent, Oscar campaigns and served on the Sundance Film Festival team.

She is also the founder the blog This Yuppie Life, which she started in 2008, a lifestyle blog with a large hotel focus.  I just started a series called Stylish Stays, where I am curating luxury (mostly boutique) hotels, paired with fashion. 

Molly is unique in her ability to really understand the ins and outs of public relations, blogging and branding – and how they can all benefit one another. I am really excited to five in to her thoughts on how you can rework your struggling influence and brand using media opportunities.


Show Notes

  • Let’s talk about your background a bit and how you were a fuse the world of PR, branding and blogging together. 2:10

  • Set the stage for us when it comes to working with media --- for influencers who may not be celebs, what would be the first step garnering and using traditional media to grow their influence? 7:13

  • What should bloggers make sure they include or provide in their media in order for it to be a “win” for them? 17:09

  • How important is it to really understand the outlet you are pitching and how can an influencer do this research effectively? 34:20

  • You told me a story about how you used getting press for your blow to grow as an influencer- something that was kind of your secret to success, can you share that? 19:50

  • So if an influencer listening was going to test something like that today – what would be the steps? 10:12

  • Influencer collaborating with other influencers as a way of reworking their strategy? 24:45

  • Comment pods and why you don’t like them 39:10

  • Blogger/ influencer expectations 45:40

  • What can bloggers do today to en sure collabs in the future 53:30




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