027: From Dream to Redefining an Industry: The Evolution of DryBar with founder Alli Web


Last week, online marketing expert host of the top-ranked podcast Online Marketing Made Easy and list building guru Amy Porterfield taught us exactly how to create, grow and promote a profitable email list, why we need an email list and why our email list is more important than our Instagram follower number could ever be! This week, Alli Webb, founder of Drybar shares how you can take a dream and turn it into a brand that redefines an industry. She also shares how influencers and brands can work together in collaborative ways.


Show Notes

  • Fusing Your Passion
  • How to fill a hole in your industry
  • Importance of visual branding
  • Customer experience and how you can elevate it
  • The importance of influencers for the growth of Drybar
  • How influencers can connect and build relationships with Drybar
  • Prioritzing time and productivity
  • 5 Tips You need to Build a Strong Business
    • Find Really Great Partners
    • Do your research
    • Networking
    • Balance
    • Customer service
  • Her biggest advice for influencers
  • Whats next for Drybar




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