032: Mapping Out a Successful Holiday Sales Strategy with Strategist and Project Manager Dee Reller


You may not know the name of my guest today as an influencer online but she definitely has influence behind the scenes. Dee Reller is my Project Manager – and is really the crux that keeps my business, including this podcast, flowing. Dee is my boss, and I love it!

Dee is a Launch Strategist, Project Manager and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. Prior to starting her own business, Dee spent most of her professional career in as a project manager in information technology where she tapped into her ability to create big picture strategy while honing her attention to detail to successfully lead highly visible projects with budgets over $10M.

While Dee had a successful career, she reached a crossroads her life wanting more fulfillment and believing there had to be something more she was meant to do. 3 /12 years ago, she left her six figure job, became a digital nomad and enrolled in the iPEC training program to become a coach. It was not a smooth transition though. As with many entrepreneurial pursuits, it took her some time to find your footing.

Having always had a unique ability to see the big picture, understand people’s visions and the possibilities in them as well as all the details that it takes to make them a reality, Dee finally found a way to take that unique ability, merge her experience as a project manager with her training as a coach and knowledge of online business to help women successfully launch their brilliance & big ideas online.

As a Launch Strategist and Project Manager for multiple 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs and influencers, she helps these women create change and impact in the world. The women she works rely on her wisdom and expertise and have referred to her as their “calm in the storm”, their “second brain”, and their “secret weapon”, which coincidentally also happens to be her Fascination Archetype. The launches she has worked on have generated over $1M in combined revenue in the last year and she’s on a mission to help even more women launch their big brilliant ideas and make an impact so that they too may live a fulfilled and liberated life.

I wanted to bring someone from my team on the podcast to really share with you the secrets to our success. Today Dee is diving in to why having a vision is so important, and overview of goal setting and the 3 things you must do to get a strategy in place. Then we are going to give you a step by step roadmap to building a killer blogger based holiday sales and growth strategy!


The importance of business storming


Vision – what it means and how do you implement it

Understanding the “WHY”

How to put a plan in place

Audience – mapping out the who and the results your audience gets from your services

Understanding strategy layouts and how to structure the goals

Mock Holiday Strategy – Step By Step Guide to Nailing a Holiday Strategy as a Blogger

How to reverse engineer the strategy and taking action

How to use affiliate links during the holiday season

How to map out your assets

Pre-launch – when to start planning

Researching trends, keywords and seasonal angles

Creating a promotional calendar

Batching content prior to launch

How to tracking audience response

Newsletter Strategy – how to leverage it for the holiday season

4-6 week schedule for batching content during the holidays

Post Holiday – how to gear up the new year for success



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