036: Turning a Blog into a 7 Figure Business + Pitfalls to Avoid with Top Influencer Manager Jennifer Powell


Last week, the one and only Sazan Hendrix gave us a sneak peek into her life as one of the most recognized bloggers and YouTubers in the business, and how her vulnerability has made her a global sensation. This week one of the top managers in the influencer space, Jennifer Powell, teaches us the techniques behind turning a blog into a 7 figure business.

Our guest today is someone that you may not know by name yet, but I know you know the names Sincerely Jules, Fashion Toast, and We Wore What  -- and what do all these mega successful bloggers have in common? They are all managed by our guest today. Jennifer Powell is the managing force behind some of the world’s top social media influencers and bloggers.

Now you may have asked yourself before the following questions:

How do I get a manager? When is the right time to get a manager? What do I need to have in place to be managed? How much should I be charging? Whats the difference between conversion vs awareness and why does this matter when working with brand? Does a follower number really matter, and if so, how does it matter? What are the protocols I need to have in place when doing a brand deal. For the influencer without a manager – how do I effectively and protectively mange myself?

She is answering all of this and more today! 


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