043: How Do I Build My Dream Business While Working Another Job? — with Julie Solomon


On this episode of Influencer Insights, I’m answering a listener submitted question about starting a new business and how to manage building your side hustle while working. Tune in to hear me chat though the importance of time tracking, how to get started, why you should take 72 hours to time track, and how my time tracking plan will bring you major clarify in your business. 


What you’ll learn

  • Exactly what my foul-proof time tracking plan entails, and why it requires 72 hours. 

  • Why it’s super powerful to reframe the way you’re thinking about your time. And how you can change your mindset today. 

  • How time tracking x business priorities = major insight and clarity in your biz.

  • Why just because something is uncomfortable and difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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