044: The Art of Growing a Global Social Influence with Manager Claire Collins


This week, we have Claire Collins from Gleam Futures on the podcast, and she’s taking us behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to manage digital influencers from around the world. From social media, to their content, to the brand deals they ink, Claire and her team execute all aspects of a thriving influencer brand.

Before Gleam, Claire produced and managed global marketing projects and product launches at companies like Benefit Cosmetics. Taking her marketing and PR knowledge, Claire now hones in on what it takes to have a long and successful career in the influencer market - and what that means for the influencer.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of big-picture goals and creating a brand that you’ll be able to run with for years to come. And one that you enjoy being a part of! From diversifying revenue streams to looking beyond metrics, I loved hearing Claire’s view on the ingredients for a sustainable influence.

It was also fun diving into two influencers who Claire feels are killing the game. Check out Victoria from InTheFrow for styled videos on all things beauty, fashion, fitness, etc., and Yara Shahdid for an inspiring view of what your influence can do for the world around you.


Claire’s ‘take-action’ items and advice:

  • Leverage your creativity when working with brands. Pitch your authentic ideas from the start.

  • Look beyond the basic metrics of likes and comments to see the value in what your numbers are telling you about your piece of content.

  • Think about ways to make money outside of traditional brand deals (products, book deals, etc) based on your unique influence and what your audience responds to.

Hope you love this episode!







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