046: Goal setting, increasing profitability and leveraging systems with Reina Pomeroy, co-host of The Creative Empire Podcast


This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Reina Pomeroy from Reina + Co - and the timing is perfect as it falls on Valentine’s Day. Reina is one of the most heartfelt and loving people I’ve met, and her compassion has led her to a thriving career helping individuals profit + serve. Alongside her team, Reina coaches entrepreneurs who are right-brained and heart-centered who want to grow their businesses in a way that provides for the lives they want to live.

A podcast host herself (The Creative Empire Podcast), Reina was no stranger to an epic and enlightening conversation. In this show, we talk a lot about the lack of diversity in the influencer space and how people are craving to hear from all types of people and walks of life - and a bit about her own path. We also talk about the importance of investing in relationships, shaping your own narrative, and tons of other topics that will make you stop, think, and assess your own path.

Reina’s ‘take-action’ items and advice:

This week’s list includes a few apps and programs that Reina swears by and suggests using:

  • VOXER - If you work on a team and communicate, this walkie-talkie like app is a must!

  • LuckyBee App - For budgeting and tracking money, especially as a small business owner.

  • Headspace - In order to be your best self, self-care is crucial. Reina says this app is an easy way to dip your toes into meditation and to center yourself before a big day (or after one!).

  • Loom - A free screen & video recording software that makes saving notes, meetings, or even web-based tutorials a cinch.

And one more thing! Reina is offering a freebie called The Verticals Method that is all about organizing content! I told you the girl was the best. To grab your freebie, go to reinaandco.com/verticals.

Enjoy listening to this amazing woman as she spreads her love!








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