047: 3 Steps to Starting and Succeeding in Your Dream Business with Marie Forleo

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Yep, you read the title of this show right, people! As one of the biggest ‘pinch-me’ moments of my career, I recently had the opportunity to interview the one and only Marie Forleo for this week’s epic episode! Still not sure if I’m dreaming?

When first starting this show, you better believe I had a list of ‘dream guests’ — and that Marie was top of that. You see, Marie came to me (via the Internet) in a time I needed her most. A time where I wasn’t fulfilled or confident with my career, yet terrified of making the jump to what I truly wanted to be doing - even though I wasn’t totally sure what that was. Finding her was a God-send and something I’m grateful for on a daily basis.

And if you’ve ever come into contact with Marie and her work, you’ll be as excited as I am that she’s speaking with us today! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marie, well first of all, get ready to go into a glorious black hole of marieforleo.com (after listening to this week’s episode, of course - I promise you don’t want to miss it!)

Marie is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, a giver of guidance and support, and her company sits atop Inc.com’s 500 fastest growing companies. Marie not only runs her highly successful site, where she’s driven to help us become the person we want to be, but she’s also the founder of B-School (40K students and counting…) and the award-winning MarieTV. I could go on and on about Marie’s accomplishments and the wonder that is her company, but this sums it up: Oprah herself named Marie as a ‘thought leader’ for the next generation. I told you the girl was something!

I thankfully pulled myself together to get words out during this week’s show, and someone, Marie’s advice ended up being even better than I expected. She graces this week’s show with personal stories about finding her “why” and how that meant jumping through several very different industries first. Marie explains why service as the backbone to any company is crucial, along with tactical ways to get around self-doubt and the ‘I’m not good enough’ mentality. On top of tons of other bits of useful information, Marie generously provides us with the 3 Steps to Starting Your Dream Business. You’ll have to listen to the show to hear those steps, but I’ll leave you with Marie’s take-action items below.

Marie’s ‘take action’ items and advice:

  1. No matter your industry, job, or career path, learn to do business like an entrepreneur. (p.s. We talk a lot about this!)

  2. Don’t be afraid of marketing and ‘selling yourself.’ Understand that what you’re providing is a service made up of your unique skills and traits; think of it like that and you’ll be more confident about putting yourself out there. It’s a must.

  3. Commit to having your business be more about just profits (and find out how on the show!).

If you’re wanting even more Marie after listening to the show, which you will, find endless resources on her site, along with the video series that’s essentially a magical business building workshop *FOR FREE*. Find this, additional free downloadables, and info about B-school on https://www.marieforleo.com/bschool/.

Can’t wait for y’all to listen and soak up everything that is Marie Forleo!

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