048: Improving Your Online Following with James Nord, Co-Founder of Fohr Card


If you’ve ever seen a favorite influencer of yours display a “Fohr Card Verified Authentic Following” graphic on Instagram, you’ve already seen this week’s guest in action! From the buzz about Fohr Card, we have the Southern gentleman and influencer elite, James Nord, on the podcast this week.

As one of the early Tumblr influencers (before influencers were a thing), James came into the industry by way of photography, marketing and fashion. In a time when professional runway photographers were the only ones documenting style, James was on the forefront of influencer photography - and shooting style in a more raw, real-time way.

Now, as co-founder of Fohr Card, which provides brands “health cards” and analytics behind influencer followings on Instagram, plus, influencers a chance to prove their authenticity, it’s safe to say that James’ long career in the influencer market is one to take notes on.

Bringing an honest, insightful look into how the influencer world has changed - and continues to evolve - James sheds light on what it takes to grow in the saturated influencer market (yes, it can happen!), why some influencers aren’t working hard enough, and how to stand out to brands. Plus, why the recipe of so many Instagram strategies fail and a few specific accounts James has his eye on as examples of influencers doing it right. (Taking note!)

James’ ‘take action’ items and advice:

  1. Support other influencers! A strong industry is good for everyone in it.

  2. Spend more time on your Instagram posts - especially if a brand is paying you to sell an item.

  3. Influencers have the world’s attention; use it wisely.

James’ episode made me want to jump right into changes to my own brand and platforms, and I know you guys are going to love his straight-forward tips!

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