50th Episode Celebrates: How to Create a Six-Figure Coaching Business with Sterling Griffin


We did it, you guys! Welcome to our 50th podcast! I’m still having a ‘pinch-me’ moment over here, as this has been such an exciting, fun, humbling, motivating ride, and I hope y’all have learned from and enjoyed the previous 50. Thank you for being here!

We wanted to celebrate #50 in a special way, so today we have none other than my personal friend and one of the most motivating people I’ve ever met on the show. Sterling Griffin went from homeless and making very little to a seven-figure business owner in under two years. Just think about that for a second! Sterling now runs The Wealthy Coach Academy, among other programs, where he teachers influencers/coaches how to create successful businesses while serving their clients and community. 

Clearly the guy figured it out - and he’s here today to share his story with you lovely readers. And more importantly, give you tactical advice on how to build a business that’s meaningful, successful, and monetized. If you’re someone who doesn’t fit into the corporate box, feels flat out lost, or is lacking motivation, Sterling is about to blow your mind and change your world if you let him. 

From overcoming the scarcity and comparison trap so many influencers find themselves in (#beenthere), to gaining confidence in yourself and changing your mindset, to making money that’ll last, this episode is full of wisdom nuggets. Definitely grab your notebook before listening, and then give yourself time to put his lessons into action. 

Sterling’s ‘Take-action items and advice’

  1. Post your wins! When one of us in the community wins, we all win. Don’t be afraid to show your success. 
  2. Change your focus. Your feelings will change with it. (Loved his thoughts as we get deep into this notion on the podcast.)
  3. Your income is a direct reflection of the value you’re giving to the world. Charge what you’re worth. (Find out how to do this on the show!)

Plus, Sterling shares a mindset exercise that will allow us all to receive our greatest goals - you don’t want to miss it! 

Be sure to snap a screenshot and tag me and Sterling as you’re listening to the episode! 

P.S! As you might know, we wanted to celebrate this milestone while giving back to this amazing community. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been teasing the giveaway of 3 $100 gift cards, and today is the day we’ll choose a winner! Be sure to head over to my Instagram after this show, as we’ll be announcing the lucky winner there! Thank you to everyone who entered - and for everyone’s support along the way. I’m truly grateful for each and everyone of you. 

Here’s to another 50 - and many more!









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