053: How to Create Product Lines and License Deals

We’ve all seen the product lines that our favorite influencers are touting on their platforms. From the Julia Engel’s who are coming out with dress lines this year, to the Emily Schuman’s who have done it in years’ past, if you’ve ever been curious on how those ladies got there - and what goes into the process - you’ll really enjoy today’s show. 

Lauren Fields from Digital Brand Products is joining us, and as someone who works personally on the licensing side of things, she’s got a lot to say! Lauren works directly with influencers to establish their brands and develop the product lines of their dreams, and her industry knowledge runs deep. 

From the ins and outs of licensing, to the story of how these influencers are inking product lines, to authentically working with brands in all capacities, we cover everything. Lauren takes us through steps of reaching out to brands about potential product lines - even when you’re a relatively small influencer. And as a positive note for all you influencers out there, Lauren explains exactly why and how the industry is changing in favor of influencers when it comes to selling products. An exciting time for sure!

Lauren’s ‘take-action items and advice’:

  1. Don’t assume that a product line would make sense for you and your brand. Before diving in, question whether it’s interesting, could resonate with your audience, or if you’d rather keep creating content instead. 
  2. When pitching a product line to a brand (no matter your reach), provide previous stats from programs with said brand.
  3. Work with brands that have equity to up-level your brand. (Loved chatting about this!)

Plus, we all know what the drop in engagement feels like on the influencer side, but want to know how brands are handling low numbers? And what they’re looking for outside of follower count? Lauren shares in the show! 

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