054: How to Find Your Something Special and Stand Out in a Crowd with Erika Vieira

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If you haven’t had your daily cup of coffee yet, you’re in luck! Today’s guest is one of the most energetic and positively contagious people we’ve had on the podcast, and it’s impossible to leave this chat not feeling energized to take on your influence.

I’m talking about the wonderful Erika Vierira, who you might already know from her wildly successful YouTube channel and podcast, Beauty and the Vlog. As a brand, Beauty and the Vlog is an online designation for video influencers in beauty, fashion, fitness, motherhood, DIY and lifestyle. They’ve gotten praise from everyone from Bustle to Byrdie and from her success, Erika has gone on to build masterminds and hundreds of interviews on her podcast.

It was fabulous having her on The Influencer Podcast today to chat all things YouTube - from the biggest mistakes to avoid to a step-by-step process of getting started. On top of that, Erika gives advice on making the jump to YouTube and the questions you MUST ask yourself before doing so. 

We also dive deep into the importance of community and how to find your WHY. I get asked how to find your why often, so I loved hearing Erika’s tips - and I know you will, too! 

Erika’s ‘take action’ items and advice:

1. Think about how you can uplight your community through your influence.
2. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, so if you haven’t thought about joining it, now is the time.
3. Instead of worrying about algorithm changes, take ownership of your influence, whether that’s on your blog or through an email list (p.s. we chat lots about building your email list on the show!).

Plus, Erika shares the #1 thing she wishes she did earlier as an influencer, and the most helpful resources for finding your why. And that’s not all! Erika is also giving listeners access to her free 10+ page workbook that will walk you through finding your why and niche! How amazing is that?!

Be sure to snap a screenshot and tag me and Erika as you’re listening to the episode! 

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