057: Overcoming Perfection, Honoring Your Well-Being & Questions to Ask Yourself Daily


“No matter what place you’re in, we all have a power inside us to get to a great place.”

- Melissa Wood

I wanted to start this blog post off with words straight from this week’s guest, as I found myself jotting them down on a post-it for myself. I mean, how amazing and powerful are those words?


They come to you from Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, who joins The Influencer Podcast to talk all things wellness, shifting to become a more successful influencer, and learning to love yourself (like you deserve!).


If you follow mega influencer Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What, you’ve likely seen Melissa, if you don’t follow her already. Melissa is the owner of Melissa Wood Health and is a certified health and wellness coach and yoga teacher, whose mission is to guide people to a place of loving and accepting themselves. She shares herself and her workouts on her Instagram, along with a wealth of knowledge over on her site MelissaWoodHealth.com.


Being featured in outlets like Forbes and Women’s Health (to name a couple), Melissa has seen tremendous growth in her business - namely since showing up as herself and learning who her audience is - and what they want.


In today’s show, Melissa, a self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist,” generously opens up about past fears and problems that have led her to where she is now. I love her honest approach to aligning with your purpose, tripping on your fears, following your calling, working with brands, and living a healthier life along the way.


Melissa’s ‘take action items and advice’:

  1. Share and honor your imperfections. It’s where change happens.
  2. With tons of love, unfollow people who you can’t help but compare yourself to. If you feel negative or down on yourself when you see their posts, send them love but unfollow.
  3. Develop a morning routine that involves loving yourself (find out how on the show!).


Melissa is also sharing the 4 questions she asks herself daily, the morning practices that have brought self-compassion into her life and a couple books that have helped, too. Such amazing practices that instill balance and love, you won’t want to miss!


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