059: How to Grow, Stay Authentic, and Build a Thriving Business as a Creative

All I gotta say is WOW. Carly Cristman joins us from The Windy City, and with over 8 years as a YouTuber, she’s got a lot of amazing things to share with us today.


Each week, Carly publishes a new YouTube video for her audience of nearly 800K subscribers. She touches on style segments like ‘How to Always Be Stylish,’ real-life advice, ‘How to Look Good in an Instagram,’ and even home with videos like bathroom organization hacks. In each piece, Carly brings her real-life attitude, all while creating content that truly provides value to her community.


Carly is not only incredibly smart and down to Earth, but her tips on this week’s show are endlessly generous. She teaches how to sustain a platform when things get saturated, her specific methods for collaborating with other influencers as a means for genuine growth, and even explains how to utilize Instagram analytics to know what your audience is responding to (instead of wasting time being upset about the algorithm). Which hello, we could all probably get better at, right?


We also chat about authenticity, which Carly and I both realize is a buzzword. BUT, I absolutely loved Carly’s thoughts on what this means for her - and how to actually be yourself in front of your audience. For Carly, that means letting imperfect moments shine through on platforms and thinking of your content as something you’d share with a girlfriend. She even shares the question she asks herself before creating EVERY piece of content. It’s such a good outlook and way of creating, in my opinion.


Lastly, we dive into the business aspects of influence. Carly has taken serious initiative when it comes to the business side of things (even as a creative), and with endless trial and error, she’s recognized the importance of building relationships, strategy, and my personal favorite...pitching!


Carly’s ‘Take action’ items and advice:


  1. If you want to turn your influence into a full-time business, start treating it like one. (Really cool tips from her regarding this in the show!).

  2. Collaborate with other influencers in a fun way that provides authentic content to both of your followings. Stop with the loop giveaways!

  3. Pitch yourself - whether you have a manager or not. (P.S. If you would like to learn more about pitching and how to build better relationships and to get access to my 5 STEPS FOR HELPING BLOGGERS AND INFLUENCERS LIKE YOU LAND BRAND COLLABS, PRESS, NEGOTIATE BETTER DEALS then head over to pitchitperfect.net for all the insider info!)


For all of Carly’s insights, plus her secrets on growth (such good ideas here), tune in to Episode 59.


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