060: From Homeless to Hollywood: Racism, Personal Touches, and Values as an Influencer with Arian Simone

Today’s episode is a special one, as my guest and I dive into a few topics I’ve been wanting to cover on the podcast since its inception. We have the lovely Arian Simone from Fearless Magazine joining us today, and this woman radiants warmth and strength - even through headphones!


Arian went from living in her car to creating a very successful PR and Marketing Firm which has repped some of the top names in the entertainment game. With Disney, Sony, Lil Wayne, and Neyo as clients, it’s clear that Arian knows a thing or two when it comes to marketing. Which she talks more about in the show today!


Being a woman of color in the influencer world, Arian also graciously opens up about the sensitive and serious obstacle of race in the industry. Coming from a family of trail blazers in the civil rights field, her message is beautiful and powerful. We talk about her advice for equal opportunities as an influencer- no matter your skin color, gender, or socioeconomic background, and about the people who have inspired her throughout life.


We also get into how she grew her email list - and her number one tip is one I’ve never heard on the show!


Lastly, we chat about figuring out your values, patience, and her tactic for getting brands to want to work with you over and over - another unique tactic that I’m personally taking home with me.


Amanda’s ‘Take action’ items and advice:

  1. Numbers don’t lie! Keep track of your data to present to brands.

  2. There should always be a cherry on top of a brand deal. Find out what that cherry is in the episode!

  3. Think about how to grow your email list with a personal touch, not just blasting it on social media. (PS, she spills what her personal touch is in the show!)


It’s a jam-packed episode with gems around every corner, and I’m so thrilled to share this episode with you.


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