061: 3 Times I Failed as an Influencer + How I Overcame It

I’m coming at you 1:1 in this week’s episode of The Influencer Podcast for an intimate chat on 3 of the failures I’ve experienced as an influencer - and even more important - how I overcame them.


We all know that being an influencer comes with a lot of uncharted territories and that there isn’t a magic guide. So, mistakes happen and it’s a huge game of trial and error - at least that’s how it’s been for me!


But I will say I’ve learned A LOT in my time as an influencer, and I hope by sharing some of these “failures,” it opens up the opportunity to improve your own influence.


From a platform that wasn’t authentic to learning to say no to certain things, I hope you enjoy this week’s show!


Plus, I’m giving away a free tipsheet on how to figure out your own mission statement - which I’ve found invaluable to my brand and business. It’s a goodie!


For all that info, be sure to join me today :)


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