062: How to Overcome Not Feeling Live Every Other Blogger & Self-Compassion

In you’re in need of a boost, you’re absolutely going to love the guest on today’s episode of The Influencer Podcast!

With a sunny demeanor and incredible fashion sense, Alex Michael May is an influencer to watch. She’s worked with brands like Layne Bryant, Nordstrom, and is an ambassador for Rachel Roy. Plus, she’s spoken on countless panels at conferences like Create & Cultivate and the Yellow Conference - and now she’s sharing her brilliance with us!


My favorite part about Alex? She’s seen incredible growth over the past couple years by doing one thing: being her authentic self.


In today’s episode, Alex shares how she’s overcome playing small, learned to love herself, and built a successful influence even when she didn’t feel like a “typical” blogger. We also go into the motivational books that have changed her life and the mindset strategy she relies on daily. She also touches on being deemed a “body-positive influencer.”


Ahh sooo good!


Business wise, Alex shares why not making a long-term strategy is a huge mistake and how to work with brands without alienating your audience. We also chat about the blogging shenanigans lots of influencers face, like the lure of bots. Ha!


Alex’s ‘Take action’ items and advice:

1. Just because you don’t look like every other blogger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start. You should.

2. Focus on your bigger reason while running your business.

3. Love yourself, no matter who you are! (Way more on this topic in the show)


Filled with personal and business tactics, this episode is such a feel-good show. Enjoy!


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