063: Want to know ALL the Instagram secrets? Because here they are!


Today’s show covers something you guys have been wanting to hear more about for quite some time.


Any guesses?


Drum roll please…




That’s right! This week we have the fabulous Tyler McCall on The Influencer Podcast, who is an Instagram Marketing Specialist. He completely blew me away with his simple yet effective ways to grow on Instagram, and more importantly, how to completely shift your efforts on the app. I’m always a fan of working smarter, not harder, and Tyler agrees!


From Instagram hacks to the one thing that’s changed his business on the app, Tyler lays it all on the table. He talks about the top trend that you might NOT be doing - and why it’s so, so important to start. He also reveals how to go from last-minute “Oh crap! I better post” posting to making the process 1000% easier, which I loved.


He has amazing ideas for creating a better story and taking the focus OFF yourself when posting on Instagram. I know that might sound backward, but it’s not, and Tyler explains more in the show.


Tyler’s ‘Take action’ items and advice:

  1. Get crystal clear about who your demographic is on Instagram. What’s their name? What’s their age? What do they like to do?

  2. Start using Instagram Stories like yesterday. (P.S. he had such great tips on getting started if Stories totally freaks you out.)

  3. Think of every post as a way to get closer to you, and closer to your audience.


Tyler also shares his 3 tips on getting people excited to follow your account which are EXCELLENT.


This episode cannot be missed if you use the app...so everyone :) Grab those headphones and join in!


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Learn how to grow and monetize your business using Instagram. The best Instagram hacks, Instagram Trends and Instagram Secrets by Tyler McCall. The Instagram expert also shares 3 tips on getting people excited to follow your account which are EXCELLENT. Grab those headphones and join in! The Influencer Podcast, with Julie Solomon. #InfluencerMarketing #Instagram #DigitalMarketing #business #monetize #makemoney #growyourbusiness #TheInfluencerPodcast