065: Contracts, Communities, & Making Your Content Work for You

Get your backpacks strapped and pencils sharpened, because today we’re going back to school, people!

OK, not really…

But with the amount that I personally learned from today’s guest (and what you’re about to), it honestly felt like the best class of all time.

In just one podcast!

Christina Scalera is our amazing teacher aka today’s guest, and the girl is FULL of brilliance. An attorney and now CEO of The Contract Shop®, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches, Christina lists brands like Jenna Kutcher, Rising Tide Society, and HoneyBook as her clients - among many others.

In today’s show, Christina gives us a lesson on Contracts 101 and shares secrets she usually reserves for her impressive client list. Seriously, if you've ever wondered about contracts - When do I need one vs. not? What should I ask the brand for? What about gifted merchandise? etc. - she’s spilling all her advice on the subject.

Plus, above talking about the legality of being an influencer, Christina shares her incredible journey through a disingenuous landscape of influence - and how she got out. More importantly, she shares how she found her true calling in the contract world and the tips we can all take if things aren’t feeling right.


Christina’s ‘Take action’ items and advice:

  1. Think of a contract as a list for both parties - make it easy. (She shares much more on this in the show!).

  2. Follow what you're passionate about, not what you think people want to hear from you.

  3. Only work with people that you feel good around. (If it’s not that simple for you, hear her advice on finding people you thrive around.)


Oh! And you will NOT want to miss her guideline for recycling content in an authentic way. Seriously, she lays out exactly how to make your content work for you, and it’ll change your business - I guarantee it.

For that and much more, come join Christina and I on this fabulous episode!

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