066: The Real Reason You Aren't Growing Online


Do me a favor and raise your hand if any of these statements sound true:

  • Have you ever stared at your computer screen or iPhone with a load of frustration going through your head wondering why your numbers haven't gone up?
  • Have you looked at your Google analytics each month and see a flat line in traffic that makes no sense to you?
  • Are you testing out new strategies, educating yourself on new techniques, but you still aren't able to convert?

Well, my friends, I think I have your answer.

The short of it: WORDS.

Your lack of growth has nothing to do with your visuals, your current following OR your strategy… and everything to do with your words.

From trigger words that will boost the connection with your audience and how to cultivate your own - to the steps to making content truly yours, we’re chatting about it all in today’s 1:1 show!

I’m also spilling the questions you need to ask yourself in order to grow through your words.

I guarantee you haven’t thought of words in the same way. I’m also confident that you’ll not only see growth after applying these lessons, but writing will come MUCH easier.

Whether you write blog posts, newsletters, webinar scripts or even a podcast, this episode is for you. Listen to the lowdown on words and growth right here!


The Truth About Words (Why You Aren't Growing Online)

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