071: How She Stuck Out from the Instagram Saturation & How You Can, Too!

For anyone currently drowning in comparison or saturation fears, boy do I have a treat for you!  

Jen Esquer, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and movement enthusiast, joins us in this week’s episode of The Influencer Podcast to share exactly how she’s gained over 450K followers on Instagram - all by niching down.

And the secret to finding her niche? It’s so simple it’s going to surprise you.

It’s also as effective as it is simple and I know you’ll love using it in your own biz.

Because who doesn’t want more authentic followers? And to build an engaged community?

I know I do!

We also chat about:

  • What you can learn from your audience
  • How she went from a standard fitness account to so much more
  • How she grew 40K followers in a week. A week!
  • Mindful ways to improve your health
  • Her unique thoughts on physical health + mobility

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