072: An Influencers Guide to Massive Media Coverage

If there’s one thing I see a lot of influencers struggle with when it comes to the industry, it’s pitching and building relationships with the media.

Maybe that’s because my background is PR - but I know media is a pain point for tons of people.

Which makes sense! The media can be so overwhelming, and until you know how to present yourself to it, it can be intimidating and really freaking scary.

So...if you’re one of those influencers who isn’t totally confident with putting yourself out there (whether it’s via media or your own social media channels), today’s show is most definitely worth a listen!

Susie Moore joins me, who happens to be a total media maven. She’s been featured everywhere from The TODAY Show to Forbes to Marie Claire, so the girl knows a thing or two about presenting yourself.

She goes in depth about serving your community while confidently becoming visible - and I know you’ll love what she has to say!

Come tune in to excel your knowledge and confidence when it comes to the media right here!

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